The Infamous Crime Lord, Jabba The Hut, Joins Star Wars: Imperial Assault

December 6, 2016 by deltagamegirl22

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He may not be the sexiest character in the Star Wars franchise, but you cannot deny Jabba The Hutt's control. This week, we are getting a look at the Jabba The Hutt Villain Set for Fantasy Flight Games' Imperial Assault.

FF jabba contents

He is an imposing Force to be reckoned with (see what I did there?) in both the campaign and skirmish aspects of the game. Yes, in truth, his is literally the slowest character in the game, which doesn't necessarily make him the most imposing force for combat...

FF jabba card

However in campaign play,what he lacks in speed, he more than makes up for with terrifying abilities that maximize his other forces on the table. You can target a nearby hero with Bully, forcing that figure to automatically suffer three strain. You can put out an Execution Order, allowing another Mercenaries figure - anywhere on the map (wait, WHAT?) - to interrupt and perform an attack.

You can provide a Financial Incentive, letting any friendly figure recover two damage and become focused. Or, you could simply Plot, increasing your threat by two and giving you the freedom to bring more reinforcements into play. And whatever influence you gain in your campaign, you can spend to add powerful Agenda cards to bring into your next games.

FF jabba agenda1

In skirmish play, Jabba is equally formidable as he still has the Bully ability and can pair it with other abilities like, Under Duress, where you can literally vaporize your opponent's Command Deck in 2 actions. And don't forget how influential he is in the Black Market.

This skirmish upgrade invites you to choose a friendly Smuggler to suffer one strain at the end of each round. If you do, you can reveal the top card of your Command deck and either: spend victory points equal to the card’s cost to draw it, discard the card to gain victory points equal to its cost, or return the card to the top of your deck.

FF jabba card skirmish

So if your play style is more in the planning and overall strategy, rather than Leroy Jenkins, then Jabba The Hutt is definitely for you.

“Jabba, you’re a wonderful human being.” - Han Solo, Star Wars: A New Hope

Will you be trying your skills as an infamous crime lord?

"In skirmish play, Jabba is equally formidable as he still has the Bully ability and can pair it with other abilities..."

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