Jasco Show Off Street Fighter Miniatures For New Board Game

July 22, 2015 by brennon

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A new challenger has appeared! See what you think of these designs for the new models that will be part of the Street Fighter Board Game that Jasco Games will be bringing out soon. I think these are looking pretty awesome!

Street Fighter Miniatures

We don't know much about when this will be out yet and in what form but it's possible that we'll see this go to Kickstarter like Mega Man. Gen Con will most likely be the next time we hear more about the game so watch out for more news. In the mean time enjoy the models.





As you can see it isn't just the original characters coming as part of this game. The second character down, Yuri, is from a much later version of Street Fighter. Hopefully this means we'll see other characters like Viper and Hakan, the later of which looks like a British boxer crossed with an Oni.

What do you think of the models at this render stage?

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