Lucky Duck & Mythic Preview Time Of Legends: Destinies Kickstarter

September 13, 2019 by brennon

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Lucky Duck Games and Mythic Games have been previewing the Kickstarter for Time Of Legends: Destinies ahead of its launch later this month on the 24th September.

Time Of Legends Destinies - Lucky Duck Games

The game is set within the world of Joan Of Arc made popular by their expansive battle/board game that is returning to Kickstarter in October. You take control of an unassuming hero and throughout the game will start to realise your true calling and the destiny that has been lain out before you.

Whilst the game would seemingly be a cooperative experience the focus twists to something competitive here as you are trying to pull the threads of history to suit your own character and make it so that your destiny is the one that gets fulfilled.

Time Of Legends Destinies Pledge - Lucky Duck Games

One of the additional big selling points for the game is that it uses some of Lucky Duck's lessons learned with previous app-driven experiences and applies that to Destinies. You will use the app as a narrative aid and help you make/track the choices you decide upon when playing the game.

Whilst these interactions and such would normally create a system where your one playthrough was that the materials, components and story of Destinies can change between games allowing you to come back and reuse all of the components to see if you can tell a different story on your second, third or fourth go.

As well as the narratively driven story you also get some fancy looking miniatures in the game too, it is Mythic after all. More details are included as part of the Kickstarter preview including videos on how to play...

Make sure to give them a watch and find out more as there is a lot of interesting stuff happening with this game. We'll also be talking with Mythic about the game in more detail next weekend.

Are you tempted by Time Of Legends: Destinies?

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