Mantic Reveal First Details For New Sci-Fi Game, OverDrive

June 29, 2021 by brennon

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Mantic Games used their summer preview over the weekend to showcase more on their new Sci-Fi arena-based sports game set in the Warpath universe. OverDrive is their brand new two-player game coming in September 2021.

OverDrive Core Set - Mantic Games

OverDrive Core Set // Mantic Games

At its core, OverDrive has you playing as powerful giants that fight in the arena (seen above) across six different game modes. Each player takes control of three giants each and games take around sixty to ninety minutes to play. This certainly allows it to fit into the wheelhouse of a competitive league-style game.

Using alternative activation, each player only has four activations per turn with each of the giants available to be activated twice. So, you'll have to make interesting decisions when it comes to who you activate when to get the most out of a given play.

Skarathron - Mantic Games

Skarathron // Mantic Games

The rules are designed to be quick and easy to play with the core basics being how to move followed by slamming and shooting your opponents. The more in-depth mechanics and the way the different game modes play out is then inspired by videogames like TimeSplitters 2 (I do remember that...), Splatoon and Overwatch. All very intriguing.

In the core game of OverDrive, you'll have access to The Spawn, Brank Reborn, Synechdoche, Skarathron, Dozer and Karadon. Each player will then draft your choice of three giants from that selection meaning that you can try and outwit your opponent or simply try and pick your favoured team. The opponent is going to be trying to do the same though!

Each giant is also very different in how they play. They will all have their own fighting style and a unique "OverDrive" ability which can do some fun stuff during games. It all sounds very interesting and you can find out more via their blog HERE and their Summer Preview down below.

Mantic Summer Preview // Mantic Games

Make sure to check out more of the information from Mantic Games and let us know if you're interested in OverDrive. Could this be the next miniatures-based board game for your collection?

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"Could this be the next miniatures-based board game for your collection?"

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