Mantic Games’ Halflings Mount Up On Their Iron Beast!

February 3, 2020 by brennon

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Mantic Games has been showing off one of the preview miniatures they've been working on following up from the League Of Infamy Kickstarter. The campaign added a whole bunch of fun things into the mix including more for Halfling players, especially this Iron Beast!

Halfling Iron Beast #1 - Mantic Games

This is, as mentioned above, an early look at the production of the model but it gives you an idea of the seriously insane miniatures that are coming our way for League Of Infamy. The details on the facial features for the crew are a little soft right now but that might just be the photo.

Halfling Iron Beast #2 - Mantic Games

However, if you're looking to dive in and start battling against Halflings in League Of Infamy or you fancy diving in and starting up your own warband or Kings Of War army packed with Halflings then you're certainly in luck thanks to Mantic Games.

I love that the Iron Beast is in the form of a boar and you just know that there is a smoker or barbeque attached somewhere to this creation so they can have a snack on the move. There are plenty of utensils strapped to the side so that certainly makes sense to me!

Halfling Iron Beast #3 - Mantic Games

If you missed out on the League Of Infamy Kickstarter then you'll soon be able to get involved in the Pledge Manager. If you sign up to Mantic's Newsletter you will be notified when this goes live.

What do you make of the hulking Iron Beast?

"What do you make of the hulking Iron Beast?"

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