Marvel Returns To Fluxx For Round Two Print Run At Looney Labs

November 2, 2021 by fcostin

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Marvel has been everywhere recently. Taking over the tabletop, big screens, and even embedded in the pages of our books to which we indulge in the end of the day. Therefore, it was certainly no surprise to hear of the upcoming Fluxx title, bringing together Marvel and Looney Labs as fast as you can say 'Avengers Assemble'.

Fluxx - Image One

Marvel Fluxx // Looney Labs

There are rules-a-changing in Marvel Fluxx, as different rules can affect different superheroes. Whilst playing the game, each player will follow the Basic ruleset, until a sneaky player can play New Rule cards for their benefit. This may change up the gameplay completely, or it could give players a bit of edge on their turn.

New Rule - Image One

New Rule Cards Preview // Looney Labs

It would not be Fluxx if there were not any goals to meet to find yourself a winner. Players will need to match the goal cards with the keeper cards in the box to win. However, these goals will constantly change as everybody wants to win too as they meet their own goals, whilst utilising abilities to stop opponents from meeting theirs!

Looking to a classic card game with a new theme and skin? Fluxx is a beloved treasure of mine - especially before they changed the cardstock - so if you are a fan of the MCU and want a quick, strategy card game with some familiar faces and goals to achieve, the game is set to release over the next month.

If you are feeling impatient, there is however a Marvel Fluxx Speciality Edition hiding around on the internet, as part of a limited release. This was released back in 2019, and has seven extra cards in there to utilise too.

Where do you think we will be seeing Marvel Superheroes soon? Will IronMan be crossing over into Arkham Horror? Will Captain America be joining the lads over at Warlord? There is no telling where the MCU is going next!

"There are rules-a-changing in Marvel Fluxx, as different rules can affect different superheroes..."

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