Monolith Tease Versus Mode & More For Conan Expansion

December 15, 2023 by brennon

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Monolith are closing in on the launch of their new Kickstarter for the Conan board game in January. The Red Nails campaign will give you some great new options for exploring the adventures of Conan and his companions but also a full game mode that has been tweaked and updated for a full release.

Conan Versus Mode - Monolith

Conan Versus Mode // Monolith

One of the big draws of the new expansion will be the Versus Mode which will bit heroes and their warbands of monsters and soldiers against each other. The core game mechanics will remain the same but there will be tweaks and changes to make it a fun battle taking part over the game boards that folks are familiar with.

Battles can be played out in less than an hour. They'll recruit their troops and then battle it out across a variety of scenarios. Want to see what would happen if your Conan took on one of his allies that turned against him? Make it so!

A few more previews have also popped up concerning some of the miniatures that you'll be able to scoop up as part of the Kickstarter.

Bran Mak Morn - Conan

Bran Mak Morn // Conan

Characters like Bran Mak Morn are going to be making an appearance (the preview miniature here is painted stunningly well!) but you've also got plenty of standard troops to throw into the maelstrom as well including the likes of these mercenaries.

Gunderman Mercenary - Conan

Gunderman Mercenary // Conan

Hyrkanian Mercenary - Conan

Hyrkanian Mercenary // Conan

The Conan board game is one of my firm favourites. I really like the core mechanics and it has come a long way since it was initially released. The updates from fans and the design team have been interwoven to create a great play experience that goes beyond the first offering. Interestingly, if you didn't get the game the first time around (or in subsequent campaigns) then you'll be able to snap that up as part of this campaign.

Conan Red Nails - Monolith

Conan: Red Nails Kickstarter // Monolith

Conan: Red Nails and more will be coming to Kickstarter 16th January and I'm sure folks are going to have an awesome time with this. Even if you don't get to play much of this game, the miniatures in the set would be brilliant for all sorts of other miniature wargames out there.

Could you be tempted to dive back into Conan with this campaign?

"Conan: Red Nails and more will be coming to Kickstarter 16th January..."

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