Kingdom Death: Monster 1.5 Becomes Biggest Tabletop Kickstarter Ever!

January 8, 2017 by brennon

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The Kingdom Death: Monster 1.5 Kickstarter has now ended and they raked in a fantastic $12,393,139 which utterly blasted through the total raised by Exploding Kittens previously. This is pretty fantastic and shows just how well loved this boutique game is!

Kingdom Death (Main)

This huge box of miniatures and wonderful storytelling seems to have captured the hearts of the community and it doesn't seem like its going to let go easily.

Kingdom Death Set

As well as the basic game which you can see above all manner of expansions, add-ons, new models and more came to life during the campaign. The exact nature of them is hard to pin down in one simple post here but as you look through the Kickstarter page you'll see just what they managed to accomplish.

As a final parting shot, in a rather excited post from Adam Poots, he showed off The Gambler himself who will be joining the game as a new Nemesis.

The Gambler

This dangerous entity has been watching and waiting and is now looking to make his mark on the world which he has had on his shoulders for so long. No doubt we're going to learn more about him in the future as more updates come out from Poots. Well, once he has picked himself up off the floor and had a good rest!

Did you back this campaign and if so, why?

"Did you back this campaign and if so, why?"

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