Check Out Mythic Games’ New HEL: The Last Saga Trailer!

May 11, 2020 by brennon

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Mythic Games has now released their trailer for the upcoming game, HEL: The Last Saga which we talked about on the Weekender show last Friday. Check it out!

The trailer gives you a tantalising look at the horror and darkness that awaits you in HEL: The Last Saga as your survivors and explorers try and overcome the dangers of their new land. What happened to the first expedition? What are the creatures hiding in the shadows? Is this place truly a land of glory or something much more sinister?

We will, of course, know more when the campaign goes live tomorrow night but for now, we've also got a preview of some more characters you'll be playing as.

Wandering Souls

The first of these new characters is Frodi, The Blacksmith who is a kindly looking fellow considering the massive hammer that he carries over his shoulder.

-5eb946805d96b--5eb946805d96cFrodi The Blacksmith - Mythic Games.jpg

This burly fellow has taken the child Jorik under his wing and seeks to be a good role model to his new kinsman. Alongside his new duties as a father figure, he is also a mighty smith who has forged many wondrous items in his time. He seeks something new to test his skills in this rugged land and it will be fascinating to see if his past will catch up to him.

As well as the mighty Frodi, we also saw another of the towering foes that await the survivors. Here we have one of the Stompers that range the woodlands and seek to bring low these interlopers to their lands.

Treetops Stomper - Mythic Games

The people or creatures of this island have very much given themselves over to the wilderness and it is fascinating seeing all of the different elements of mysticism and folklore etched into their design. I think this is looking like one of the most intriguing games from Mythic to date, mainly because of this take on Dark Age mythology.

Are you going to be checking out this game in more detail?

"Is this place truly a land of glory or something much more sinister?"

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