Head Out On A New Dungeon Crawling Adventure With Sword & Sorcery

November 6, 2018 by brennon

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The cooperative dungeon delving experience, Sword & Sorcery, is back on Kickstarter from Ares Games with Ancient Chronicles. This new version of the game tweaks some of the old mechanics and brings something new to the tabletop too.

Sword & Sorcery Ancient Chronicle - Ares Games

Ancient Chronicles serves as a prequel to the previous game but it is a standalone product so you do not have to have that iteration to enjoy this particular experience. The game runs with between one to five players and has you playing as champions brought back from the dead to adventure down in the depths.

Sword & Sorcery Gameplay - Ares Games

It is also run by a unique in-game AI which looks after the monsters. This will dictate their own behaviour patterns and have you trying to puzzle out how best to defeat your foes as a party.

One of the cool things about this new game is that it has much more of a focus on narrative storytelling and exploration as well as the standard dungeon delving gameplay. You will have a vast area to explore and many different ways to take your characters on adventures.

Additionally, the game also has no player elimination which is a key thing in a dungeon crawler. You dying and coming back as a soul is built into the mechanics of it all so I'm fascinated to see how that works alongside the bloody action.

Main Pledge

You can check out all of the goodies that you get within the pledge here...

Sword & Sorcery Main Pledge - Ares Games

If you already have the older game than you'll also be pleased to know that the game is backwards compatible making all of the goodies you got with that usable in this new game too.

It is well worth delving into the gameplay videos over on their Kickstarter page and learning a lot more about the background of it all because this dungeon crawler is quite the underground hit.

Will you be checking this out?

"You dying and coming back as a soul is built into the mechanics of it all..."

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