Ogors & Rotbringers Fight For Glory In Warhammer Underworlds

January 27, 2020 by brennon

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Games Workshop has two warbands joining those adventuring and battling for glory in Warhammer Underworlds this coming weekend. We start with one that we've seen before, Hrothgorn and his hunters.

Hrothgorn - Age Of Sigmar

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The set of miniatures for Hrothgorn and his kin comes with this particular Ogor leading the way. He has deadly options at range it seems and I love the fact that his crossbow is actually made out of an old trap which has been reworked to be a deadly and brutal weapon. Hrothgorn is always flanked by his faithful Frost Sabre, Thrafnir.

Thrafnir - Age Of Sigmar

You can imagine Thrafnir diving in and taking down whatever prey that Hrothgorn has been able to pin down with his crossbow. I really like what they've done with the Frost Sabre in terms of design and hopefully, that flows into the Ogor army at large where we could potentially get some new models to update the old range.

As well as Thrafnir there is also a set of enterprising Gnoblars who will be doing a little bit of clean-up work. You can always use some minions to do the dirty work.

Gnoblars - Age Of Sigmar

Again, the amount of character worked into this new set is fantastic. I love what they've done with each of the models here and you get the sense that they are vicious and comical in equal measure. I don't imagine they last very long but I'm sure they will be a massive pain to whoever comes up against them.

The Wurmspat

We saw them last Friday but it's also now time for Games Workshop to introduce The Wurmspat into the mix too. This set of brutal knights following a foul sorceress are going to be battling within the Beastgrave as well.

The Wurmspat Battle - Age Of Sigmar

Again, the amount of fun that the sculpting team has been having with these warbands is evident. You can see them clashing against Hrothgorn above and I don't fancy the chances of those Gnoblars as they come up against those Chaos creatures!

Wrath Of The Everchosen

As well as the new warbands for Warhammer Underworlds, you can also pick up the new Age Of Sigmar campaign book which is called Wrath Of The Everchosen.

Wrath Of The Everchosen - Age Of Sigmar

Things get brutal once more as the forces of Nagash are looking to bring down Archaon's bastion in the Eightpoints. The Varanspire is impenetrable but its foundations are now being rocked by the surge of undead who have been brought into the world following the necroquake. Two mighty generals are bringing their huge armies to bear against each other.

There are lots of new options in the book which will allow you to combine different daemon forces plus you can also get stuck into a few new scenarios too. Thirteen sub-factions are also included which you can then throw into the mix during this time of turmoil.

As well as all of that you'll also find rules for sieges, using roaming monsters in your games and a few more wandering endless spells which have been kicked up by the necroquake.

Are you tempted to dive in and pick up some Age Of Sigmar goodies?

"Are you tempted to dive in and pick up some Age Of Sigmar goodies?"

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