Pandasaurus Games Celebrates 10-Year Anniversary!

February 25, 2022 by fcostin

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Pandasaurus Games is ten years old this month! A big happy anniversary as they have been publishing awesome board game titles since 2012! To celebrate their decade of support received for their company and board game titles, they are holding a sale for 10% off across all titles in the US.

Pandasaurus 10 Year Anniversary - Featured

10-Year Anniversary Sale // Pandasaurus Games

Board games of new and old - all in-stock products are at a discount. Including The Game & The Mind which sold an accumulation of 1 million copies worldwide, and the newly released Sobek and increasingly popular worker placement game, Dinosaur World

The core team over at Pandasaurus Games stands at 8 people! That isn't including the different contractors that have taken part in projects over the years. However, the wonderful titles that have flourished from a small business and they want to thank you for their support over the years buy celebrating the company anniversary with their customers.

Sadly due to the worldwide shipping crisis. Pandasaurus has recently announced that it will be pausing international shipping for the foreseeable future. This means that it will be coming back at some point, but there's no information as to when this could be. Hopefully, this doesn't stop us in the rest of the world from getting our hands on Pandasaurus titles in the future.

Be sure to head on over to the Pandasaurus Store if you are in the US to get access to their games at a discounted price - so long as it is in stock! The sale ends on the 4th March at 8pm BT.

But, if you are not looking to purchase anything from their store like me, it's wonderful to celebrate the growth of a publisher that has been consistent in our industry for the last decade.

What Pandasaurus Games titles have you enjoyed over the years? 

"The core team over at Pandasaurus Games stands at 8 people!"

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