Pre-Order Steamforged Games’ Fantasy Dungeon Crawl, Bardsung!

March 29, 2022 by brennon

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Steamforged Games is now accepting pre-orders for their Fantasy dungeon crawler that had quite a bit of success on Kickstarter. Bardsung: Legend Of The Ancient Forge is coming to retail soon.

Bardsung - Steamforged Games

Bardsung // Steamforged Games

Bardsung: Legend Of The Ancient Forge is a cooperative and "choice-driven dungeon explorer board game" that works with between one and five players.

"A horde of hobgoblins have been plaguing nearby villages, and it’s up to you to sort them out. Rumour has it these pesky raiders are taking refuge in the mysterious Ancient Forge. Should be simple enough to venture below and dispatch them with a stout heart and a steady hand, right? Let’s just say you might find a little more than you bargained for…"

The twist to Bardsung is that you start off with one dungeon tile and your dungeon delve unfolds as you go, revealing new enemies, puzzles and treasures in a procedurally generated fashion. The branching narrative and the choices you make as you work through the card decks mean that you should end up with different campaigns each time you sit down to play.

Bardsung Miniatures - Steamforged Games

Bardsung Miniatures // Steamforged Games

Inside the box, you'll find sixty-eight plastic miniatures with thirty-two of them being different monster figures in alternate poses. This is then matched by the five-player heroes that you'll get to choose from. You also get that Gigantic Demon miniature that you see sitting at the back!

BardsungTiles - Steamforged Games

Bardsung Tiles // Steamforged Games

Alongside the fast set-up options made available by the game's mechanics, the GameTrayz partnership also means that you can store all of your progress between sessions and then get right back into the adventure. A handy option indeed.

Are you going to be playing as the Dawnguard, Lightweaver, Nightfeather, Stoneheart or the Wyldshell? Which of the twisted mini-bosses and minions are you most looking forward to facing down on the tabletop?

If you didn't back Bardsung on Kickstarter, are you now tempted to snap this up at retail?

"Are you going to be playing as the Dawnguard, Lightweaver, Nightfeather, Stoneheart or the Wyldshell?"

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