Explore The Spencer Mansion In Resident Evil: The Board Game

October 27, 2021 by fcostin

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It has been a matter of one day since the Kickstarter has been live for Resident Evil: The Board Game, and the campaign already hit the funding goal of £100,000, sextupled at 4000 backers so far and smashing its way through stretch goals as pledgees explore their way through the iconic Spencer Mansion.

Entering the arena third, after Resident Evil 2  & 3 board games are set in place. Steamforged Games has teamed up with Capcom to bring the classic PlayStation title to the table on Kickstarter on the 25th anniversary of the franchise.

Resident Evil TBG - Image One

Resident Evil: The Board Game // Steamforged Games

Alike the previous titles, 1-4 players will cooperate to experience the horrors that play out in the first game of the Resident Evil franchise. As they enter the Spencer Mansion along with other haunted and hidden areas across the open-world map. I am always puzzled when I see the term "open-world" on a board game, but what Resident Evil: The Board Game promises is a non-linear approach as players can interact as Jill Valentine, Chris Redfield, Rebecca Chambers and Barry Burton through a series of scenarios at their own choice and leisure.

RE1 TBG - Image Two

Miniature Preview // Resident Evil: The Board Game

There are a few different pledges that can be dipped into if taking down the undead, equipped with the help of the Racoon City Police Department. Starting at the Bravo Pledge at roughly £72 for the game, miniatures and stretch goals, all the way up to the All-In Pledge taking you back £217 which will include three expansions and an incredible retro pack to fill your nostalgic needs as a heads up to the first game in the franchise.

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Kickstarter Campaign Exploration Path // Resident Evil: The Board Game

A really cool aspect of this campaign is the interactivity for pledges for the next 15 days whilst it is live on Kickstarter. Immersing players into the dark corners of the Spencer Mansion, as each stretch goal unlocks, a note is left behind with clues to seek out characters. Once these characters are found, they are revealed in the campaign. There will be choices to make, where to go through the corridors of the Spencer Mansion as a community, and players do not miss out if they do not play along. But it certainly does keep the campaign exciting!

Are you tempted by Resident Evil: The Board Game?

"There will be choices to make, where to go through the corridors of the Spencer Mansion as a community..."

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