New Blood Bowl, Shadespire, Necromunda & More Revealed By GW At GAMA

March 15, 2018 by brennon

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Games Workshop revealed a LOT of new stuff at GAMA this year. We are going to kick off with what's coming for both Warhammer 40,000 and Age Of Sigmar with the first bit of news being a new version of Kill Team.

The new Kill Team looks like it will come with rules for pretty much all of the factions available to you in Warhammer 40,000. The focus also seems to be towards narrative play as well as the traditional pickup and play style of game. The linked missions sound like a great idea.

Creatures From The Deep

When it comes to Age Of Sigmar it looks like something is stirring in the depths. We got this fascinating piece of artwork to gawp at...

Order Battletome - Idoneth Deepkin

The Idoneth Deepkin look likely to be a very neat new force for Order. Anything with tentacles is no doubt going to excite a lot of people. Age Of Sigmar really does allow Games Workshop to go wild with their creations, so why not throw another race into the mix?

New Shadespire Warbands

With Age Of Sigmar in mind, we also have two new warbands for Shadespire. Both Chaos and Order are getting new warriors who will be searching the City Of Mirrors for the sought after Shadeglass. First up we have The Blood Warriors.

Shadespire Blood Warriors - Games Workshop

Matched against them we have some new Stormcast Eternals too as they send the Far Striders in search of enemies to bring low. It's neat that both of them come with their own pet, although it would have been nice for the Far Striders to have a Gryph-hound I think.

Shadespire Far Striders - Games Workshop

Shadespire is getting played a lot at my local store and people are really enjoying the flexibility of the system and the deckbuilding options presented to you. The game is also very fast paced which is always a plus for someone trying to squeeze in some games over a lunch break.

House Van Saar Comes To Necromunda

The far future and the Hive Cities of Necromunda are also getting themselves some new blood in the form of the technologically advanced and efficient killers of Van Saar.

House Van Saar Necromunda - Games Workshop

These are some of the nicest looking new miniatures for the range I think we've seen yet. I like the more ultra-modern feel to them which seems to go beyond the grimdark of Warhammer 40,000. The posing and modelling options here seem to be quite extensive too.

The Doom Lords Take To The Field

Blood Bowl isn't getting left out either as they have a new Chaos Team coming soon as well. Here we have the Doom Lords with fantastic plastic miniatures of both Beastmen and Chaos Warriors.

The Doom Lords Blood Bowl - Games Workshop

I used to play Chaos in one of our online leagues using FUMBBL and it was a lot of fun. Beastmen tended to be very useless to begin with and then eventually turned into raging monsters once they got lots of upgrades.

And that is that. A whole host of new releases for their boxed Specialist Games and then a peek ahead at something new for Warhammer 40,000 fans and Age of Sigmar lovers.

What are you most excited about?

"When it comes to Age Of Sigmar it looks like something is stirring in the depths..."

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