Runescape Expands With Two Tabletop Titles In 2022

January 26, 2022 by fcostin

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Steamforged Games had a very successful 2021! Smashing their way through crowdfunding platforms with Resident Evil and Monster Hunter World Board Games last year. The first major licence that is translating over to the tabletop will have fans of Runsecape, both old school and new, excited for some new adventures on the tabletop with two upcoming titles to Kickstarter.

Runescape - Steamforged Games

Runescape Tabletop Games // Steamforged Games & Jagex

Taking the MMORPG over to two tabletop experiences - so whether you enjoy a shorter stint board game experience or want to delve into the world of Gielinor in your own adventure as a Tabletop RPG, the upcoming collaboration between Steamforged and Jagex has got you covered.

The upcoming board game will see 1-5 players in a quest-filled Sir Prysin adventure, as they journey across Gielinor players will get their hands on iconic and familiar equipment to upgrade, cook up a karambwan (and be able to flex your full scope of cooking abilities), invest in character development, get to know some varying NPC, whilst thrusting forward into some adaptations of classic quests. Speak to old favs (hopefully the wise old man) to be sent off on quests along the varying landscape of Gielinor.

The TTRPG will be the second Runescape title heading to Kickstarter, allowing players to utilise the 5e ruleset in a bespoke exploration of Gielinor. Starting with the building of a personalised character and heading out to every corner of the lands. The choice is yours, you might want to hone your axe on the Yew Trees, fish up sharks with your bare hands or simply Rune-craft to throw fireballs at anything that opposes a threat to you and your AFK-ing! Runescape is an incredibly wide lore-filled world, so the possibilities are endless and will fit into the 5e game system flawlessly.

The two upcoming Runescape tabletop experiences will be heading to Kickstarter at some point this year, debuting on Kickstarter and heading into retail after. However, if you do like exclusives, and are a long-term player of Runescape digitally, Steamforged is known for adding special stretch goals and add-ons to their crowdfunding. So if you do intend on eventually picking up the title at your FLGS - be sure to check out the Kickstarter first just in case there are some exclusive goodies.

If you are a fan of Runescape like myself, you can have your say on the future of the game whilst getting the chance to win $100 worth of Amazon Vouchers, all you have to do is fill in the survey here.

For more information on the official announcement from Steamforged Games, be sure to check out the details here.

I am genuinely intrigued by what items they are going to include. Runescape without a Zerker Necklace just would not be Runescape... 

"Runescape is an incredibly wide lore-filled world, so the possibilities are endless and will fit into the 5e game system flawlessly..."

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