Space Marine Adventures & BlitzBowl Land At Gen Con

August 2, 2018 by brennon

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Games Workshop is bringing two new boxed games to Gen Con this year. The first of these is Space Marine Adventures which sees a team of Space Marines delving down into the darkness of a Necron labyrinth.

Space Marine Adventures - Games Workshop

One to four players can dive into this game which features a team of pre-coloured plastic Space Marines. You will play through an entire adventure and game book which shows your characters levelling up as they delve deeper into the world of the Necrons.

Space Marine Adventures (Contents) - Games Workshop

The miniatures themselves are also from the Japanese Space Marine Hero range and this is the first time they've arrived anywhere else in the world.

Importantly, this will not be available in Warhammer/Games Workshop stores. You will be able to find this, for the time being, in stores like Barnes & Noble over in the States during the Autumn.


As well as Space Marine Adventures we also have a new quick way to get into Blood Bowl with BitzBowl.

BlitzBowl - Games Workshop

Again, this isn't going to be available in typical stores and instead will once again pop up overseas in Barnes & Noble stores. It will contain rules to play as an array of different teams but the box will contain Humans and Orcs.

BlitzBowl Contents - Games Workshop

If you're interested in finding out just how BlitzBowl works and what makes it different to traditional Blood Bowl you can check out the Watch It Played video below...

Are you going to be checking both of these out over in the US?

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"Are you going to be checking both of these out over in the US?"

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