Steamforged Games Hit Kickstarter With Resident Evil 2: The Board Game

September 26, 2017 by brennon

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Launched last night, Steamforged Games have hit Kickstarter with the already successful Resident Evil 2: The Board Game fundraiser.

Resident Evil 2 The Board Game

They have already busted through their funding goal and are rocketing on towards plenty of stretch goals now as the campaign gets into gear over the next month or so.

What's The Game About?

In Resident Evil 2: The Board Game you will be playing as the survivors from the famous video game, fighting against zombie hordes and trying to complete your missions under the threat of the creations brought to life by the Umbrella Corporation.


One to four players will be able to get stuck into this game, facing off against the inbuilt AI that will have the monsters hunting you at every corner.


On the side of the good guys, we have Ada Wong, Leon S. Kennedy, Claire Redfield and Robert Kendo. Meanwhile, a plethora of disgusting and awesome looking zombies are baying for your brains.


The game looks to mirror the horror feeling of the video game with the use of the Tension Deck which will be a constant reminder that going into that next room could spell death for your survivors. You also have dwindling supplies, very few bullets and you're going to have to work together if you want to survive.


Tension Deck

If you're interested in a Gameplay Video you can either follow the link HERE or check it out from their livestream at the top of the page.

The Pledge

Keeping things simple, Steamforged Games have opted for a single pledge level which gets you all that you see below (open the image to get a better look at the different options).

What You Get

To pick out some highlights this means that when you pledge for the game you're going to be getting...

  • Resident Evil™ 2: The Board Game
  • The B-Files Expansion Set
  • Kickstarter Exclusive Leon Alt. Model
  • All Unlocked Stretch Goals

...but of course, there are some cool added extras in the mix as they've stated including that Exclusive Leon model.

Kickstarter Exclusive Leon

It's always nice to have a bit of a costume change. Maybe you could use that miniature as a reward for getting through the game for the first time, mirroring a bit of a video game unlocking system? You can also get some absolutely disgusting (in the right way) looking Malformations.


The full list of unlocks and plenty more information is available over on their Kickstarter page which is refreshing clear and easy to understand.

Will you be checking out more from the world of Resident Evil?

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