The Thing Is Prepping To Infect The Tabletop For February 2022

October 22, 2021 by fcostin

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Fans of the 1982 cult movie The Thing, will be intrigued to know of the upcoming board game coming to retail from Ares Games.

The Thing - Image Four

Box Artwork // The Thing: The Board Game

Directed by John Carpenter, the sci-fi movie is set in Antarctica and sees a group of American researchers in isolation come against an anomaly to which we know as 'The Thing'. This extraterrestrial life-form can choose any host it desires, using its parasitic ways to assimilate and imitate any other organism. After a successful Kickstarter with Pendragon Games Studios and now being published by Ares Games.

According to Ares Games, the upcoming title mixes up many different types of mechanics to keep the experience as close to the original film, as much as possible. Given the game is centred around an abnormal parasite, changing and developing the more the movie expands. It is interesting what mechanics measure such an iconic classic film.

1-8 players will embark on a hidden-role game, where one of the few of you take the sneaky role of The Thing and the others are Human Prey. If you are taking the role of The Thing, the hope is to infect the humans to stop them from getting anywhere near safety - or you could be extra careful and leave as one of the humans.

The Thing - Image Three

Outpost 31 Board // The Thing: The Board Game

Whilst players are attempting to figure out the role of The Thing, the players will have access to Outpost 31 where they will be keeping the place afloat by performing several different actions. The Thing however can indeed lure each human off to a different area by sabotaging necessary items such as the boiler or the generator, with the hope to infect at the perfect opportunity. Wouldn't want it to get cold and dark now, would we?

Without knowing who The Thing is, how are you going to stop it and take it down?

Although The Thing: The Board Game is listed as 1-8 players, there have been no announcements regarding how this mode plays. But I do wonder how this may play out on your own.

The Thing - Image Seven

The Human Miniatures Set // The Thing: The Board Game

The Thing - Image Six

Alien Miniatures Set // The Thing: The Board Game

Along with the release of the board game, there are also a series of miniatures available for those of ya'll that are not too keen on standees. Also available this February will be The Human Miniatures Set and Alien Miniatures Set. Or if you are generally fans of the franchise and think these minis would fit in with a different game system!

The game is a very interesting concept, it almost sounds like Among Us bred with The Thing to create a scary cooperative board game. I am looking forward to seeing what comes of the thing, and if anybody is smart enough to outwit humanity as The Thing!

The Thing is set to release in February 2022, being created and produced by Pendragon Game Studios and distributed out by Ares Games.

What do you think about The Thing infecting the tabletop?

"...the upcoming title mixes up many different types of mechanics to keep the experience as close to the original film, as much as possible"

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