Three New Steven Rhodes Twisted Titles Are Now On Kickstarter

November 26, 2021 by fcostin

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A few months back, I gave some sketchy advice for kiddies looking to dive into the world of board games. Let’s Dig for Treasure, Let's Summon Demons, and Don't Talk to Strangers… 2 out of 3 for solid advice from me, but Steven Rhodes has some new and fresh ideas over at Dynamite Games and Cryptozoic Entertainment.

Three new Steven Rhodes inspired games are on Kickstarter, and you can jump into three new twisted titles.

Steven Rhodes Games Vol. 2 on Kickstarter // Cryptozoic Entertainment

The gates of the dark and retro worlds have re-opened for Volume 2, bringing players three new warped board games all wrapped up in a tidy box. Cryptozoology for Beginners, Living Well is The Best Revenge and Let’s Call An Exorcist have been fully funded, with still 25 days left on the clock.

Crpto - Image One

Cryptozoology For Beginners // Cryptozoic Entertainment

Cryptozoology for Beginners takes players onto the school bus and out on a sublime trip to the zoo. However, this zoo is not like the ordinary there are creatures a-plenty sitting behind the windows. As players head out in a card-drafting experience of sinister creature collecting.

Living Well - Image Two

Living Well Is The Best Revenge // Cryptozoic Entertainment

Living Well Is The Best Revenge is something I would recommend to anybody looking to stick it to somebody. However, if you are looking at approaching revenge mounted atop of a dragon and causing ultimate chaos and harm, who’s to stop you! Players will utilise their dice and cards to earn a series of points to reign victorious in their sweet, sweet revenge.

Exorcist - Image One

Living Well Is The Best Revenge // Cryptozoic Entertainment

And finally, there’s a bunch of kids feeling a bit under the weather. Head rolling around backwards, walking on the ceiling and doing some kind of shady business with a crucifix - it’s time for ya’ll to call in a professional. Taking social deduction mechanics in play, players will have to bluff their way through in hopes of being shaken from the demons getting all comfy up inside ya!

The campaign has 25 days left on the clock, whether you are looking for one of the titles or three together in a slipcase. There are certainly options for you to get your dark and retro on the tabletop.

Did you have any luck raising those demons with Vol. 1 of Steven Rhodes’ Games?

"Three new Steven Rhodes inspired games are on Kickstarter, and you can jump into three new twisted titles..."

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