Weekender: Wargaming World War I, A Civilisation Of Fish & What’s Next For Antares?

April 28, 2018 by brennon

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Welcome to the Weekender show where we've got lots of awesome stuff for you to check out today. As well as talking to Warlord Games we're also stepping back in time to World War I.

Weekender: Wargaming World War I, A Civilisation Of Fish & What's Next For Antares?

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Make sure to stick with us as we've got some goodies to give away too!


We first have an update for those of you interested in LARP and World of Darkness. Darker Days Radio are currently running a competition to win a ticket to one of these events (18+ only). Check out their Podcast this weekend for more information.

John's Tool

We're back playing around with John's Tool and looking at the Spider Serum from Green Stuff World. This is a fascinating substance that takes some getting used to but it provides you with fun results.

Lodestone Magnetic Terrain

We also have some of the Lodestone terrain in the studio from a project that is currently on Kickstarter. See what you think of it and make sure to take a peek at their fundraiser if this has got you interested. It's a neat idea for sure.

Show & Tell - Gates Of Antares From Warlord Games

We're looking at what's new from Warlord Games for Beyond The Gates Of Antares. This means diving into their recent model releases as well as taking a sneak peek at what's coming around the corner too.

News Time

We step in to talk about some news from this week...

...what caught your eye this week?

World War I: The Campaigns Of 1918 Interview

We talk with Jim about the article series (which you can read HERE) that he and neves1789 have been working on which marks the centennial of this massive conflict that shook Europe back during the early years of the 20th Century.

They are looking at the later period of the war and how you don't just have to play out the trench warfare of the period, even this late into the conflict.


We take a peek at two Kickstarters worth your time.

  • Hellboy: The Board Game - A big new project from Mantic and Needy Cat Games has you playing as Hellboy and pals going up against supernatural nasties
  • The Faceless - Like Stranger Things? Try out this game on Kickstarter which has fun with magnets!

Which of these would get your vote?


As always, remember to Claim Your Prize if you heard your name mentioned for our Bolt Action prize from last week.

We also are giving away an Isorian Torgah MV2 from Beyond The Gates Of Antares this week and want you to gives us your answers to the question we posed in the comments below.

Have a great weekend!

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