Weekender: Win 40K Shadowspear & GW TOP TRUMP?

February 16, 2019 by lloyd

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Welcome to The Weekender for this week where we've got Needy Cat Games talking about their new project alongside author George Mann for a Newbury & Hobbes tabletop game!

Weekender: Win 40K Shadowspear & GW TOP TRUMP?

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Make sure to get involved in the comments as we're going to be giving away a copy of Warhammer 40,000: Shadowspear when it gets released by Games Workshop.

God Emperor Trump

It bodes terribly for the world if this ever comes to pass, but we look at the satirical look at Donald Trump that popped up this week in Italy.

International Innovation Day

We want you to tell us your thoughts on what the next big innovation might be within the tabletop industry. This could be something that you think could be coming in the next few years or potentially further down the line.

Make sure to drop your comments below as we'll be picking from these to find our competition winner this week!

Weekender: Win 40K Shadowspear & GW TOP TRUMP?


We take a peek at some of the news from this week...

  • Shadowspear - We're looking at the big new Battlebox coming soon from Games Workshop
  • Punkapocalyptic - Check out the two-player Starter Set from Bad Roll Games
  • KeyForge - A new set of cards are dropping for the Unique Card Game
  • Ragnarok - Get ready for full on heavy metal Viking combat!
  • Star Wars: Outer Rim - Do you like the idea of this new board game?
  • D&D Stranger Things - An awesome new box is coming where you play through the adventure the kids planned!

What caught your eye from the news?

Newbury & Hobbes Game Announcement!

Needy Cat Games and George Mann are joining forces to create a new board game based on the hit book series. Mann will be writing the narrative elements of this Steampunk sleuthing game which features mysteries and investigations that branch out into an expanding story.


We take a peek at two projects live on Kickstarter.

Which of these two will you be backing?

Weekender: Win 40K Shadowspear & GW TOP TRUMP?

Competition - Win Warhammer 40,000: Shadowspear!

We want you to talk about innovation in the comments and if you're picked you'll get the new Battlebox from the team at Games Workshop featuring Space Marines and Chaos Space Marines.

We also have the winner from last week's show who got their hands on a copy of Carrion Empire. You can check to see if you won HERE and Claim Your Prize.

Have a great weekend!

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