WizKids’ D&D Onslaught Miniatures Game Gets Two New Factions

June 30, 2022 by brennon

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WizKids has announced two new factions that are going to be joining their D&D miniatures skirmish board game, Onslaught, next year. Magical power and deadly cunning get introduced into the mix with the Red Wizards and the Many Arrows.

Red Wizards - D&D Onslaught

Red Wizards // D&D Onslaught

The Red Wizards pack introduces nefarious and scheming spellcasters into your games of Onslaught. Powerful wizards are matched alongside some martial guardians with character abilities that can summon skeletons and shadowy hounds to aid you in battle. If you like being the villain then this could be the faction for you.

Maybe you prefer using brute strength and aggression to solve your problems?

Many Arrows - D&D Onslaught

Many Arrows // D&D Onslaught

The Many Arrows feature a band of Orcs that have teamed up with Goblins, Kobolds and a Bugbear in order to kick ass and take names. Specialisations within the group allow them to root and slow your enemies, keeping them away from vital objectives. Powerful melee attacks and short-ranged shooting then finish off the job.

As it stands, I'm not overly turned off by the pre-paints here. I think they've done a decent job on these and whilst they could use some tidying up and a wash or two, they look like they would be fun to play with on the tabletop. I do like the idea of just popping out the miniatures and getting going with a game too.

D&D Onslaught

For those unaware of D&D Onslaught, it is a miniatures skirmish game where you pit warbands against each other in straight-up fights and objective-based scenarios.

Game Layout - D&D Onslaught

Game Layout // D&D Onslaught

WizKids previously announced the Harpers and the Zhentarim factions that will come in the core set alongside a host of monsters that can stand between you and victory. It should be noted that the game has been slightly delayed from its initial release but should be coming to tabletops around January/February of 2023.

There is a fairly hefty buy-in price for the game which could be one of the things that stands in its way. Coming in at $140 (£115) for the core set of Onslaught, it will come down to the gameplay to see whether or not it's worth diving into this one.

Could you be tempted by a new skirmish game set in the realms of D&D?

"Magical power and deadly cunning get introduced into the mix with the Red Wizards and the Many Arrows..."

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