Blood On The Water! Brand New Carnevale Releases This Week

March 23, 2022 by brennon

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TTCombat is getting ready for a mass of new releases for Carnevale this weekend. Blood On The Water is hitting tabletops alongside a host of brand new miniatures for you to play the game with. Seriously, there is some fun stuff coming soon!

Blood On The Water - Carnevale APRIL

Blood On The Water // Carnevale

Blood On The Water is first. Here is what's inside...

  • Brand new stories! An ongoing narrative moves Venice into the new year. The story explores the entire year of 1795, splitting into three distinct conflicts. The Guild and Patricians are battling over the fate of the Arsenale and Venice’s future as a military power. The Rashaar are invading the island of Malta as the remaining Hospitaller Knights try to hold firm and protect the people. Meanwhile the Doctors have been undergoing to devious new experiments that put them firmly in Vlad Dracula’s sights. Written in part by returning star Gav Thorpe, he and Lewis Clarke are joined by David laPorta to craft the new chapter in Carnevale’s history.
  • Beautiful art! This book is so full of amazing full-colour art by a whole slew of artists. It’s truly a visual wonder, in which you’ll see your favourite characters and brand new ones rendered in incredible detail.
  • An updated rulebook! That’s right, Blood on the Water contains the full Carnevale rules. In what we’re dubbing 2.2 of the rules, we’ve tweaked and changed a bunch of bits to make it the most engaging it’s ever been. Annoyances have been removed, and more new things have been added.
  • Brand new rules! In addition to the core rules, Blood on the Water contains loads of new, advanced rules for your games of Carnevale. Exclusive to this book, rules like Reactions provide new ways to play, while expanded scenery rules allow you to ride to battle in boats! There are also new ways to upgrade your gangs with new Equipment, unique Artifacts and the dangerous Ill Tides.
  • 15 new scenarios! Focusing on the three main conflicts, Blood on the Water allows you to fight the battles of the story. See if you can beat the protagonists and tell your own version of events with scenarios like none you’ve ever played before.

Updated rules, new art, new stories and plenty of scenarios for you to play. This seems like a perfect way to dive into Carnevale if you've never tried it before. It's great that the new book contains all of the core rules so you're not having to scoop up multiple publications whilst also keeping an eye on errata.

Brand New Carnevale Miniatures

Every single faction is going to be getting a new boxed set of miniatures. Packed with fantastic characters, these are probably some of the best Carnevale miniatures I've seen in a while.

Dockworkers - Carnevale

Dockworkers // Carnevale

Venetian Navy - Carnevale

Venetian Navy // Carnevale

What I think is particularly nice about these is the detail that TTCombat have worked into the 32mm sculpts. All the bells and whistles have been ticked off and most importantly, the facial expressions look great! I love that you've got such a diverse mix of characters and battle cries!

It's not just the regular human folk who get to have all the fun though. You also have the patented twisted creations like the Feral Besiegers that have dragged themselves out of the canals.

Feral Besiegers - Carnevale

Feral Besiegers // Carnevale

Why not go really out there with the utterly twisted and brilliant Sleepless Undead...

Sleepless Undead - Carnevale

Sleepless Undead // Carnevale

...or the Airborne Cannibals? Again, utterly amazing miniatures that are packed with character. They really are taking Carnevale to another level with Blood On The Water and these new faction packs.

Airborne Cannibals - Carnevale

Airborne Cannibals // Carnevale

One thing I've noticed about the new releases is that they seem a little bulkier and more heroic in comparison to some of the older figures. I'm sure they will match up nicely of course, but it has certainly let TTCombat push the boat out in terms of design.

Knights Hospitaller - Carnevale

Knights Hospitaller // Carnevale

I mean, the Unhinged Understudies are pretty much a testament to that! I love the colour and variety that you get in Carnevale. It's refreshing after seeing so much (admittedly awesome) grimdark on the tabletop.

Unhinged Understudies - Carnevale

Unhinged Understudies // Carnevale

Diverse, interesting, unique and a totally new painting challenge for someone diving into the tabletop gaming hobby. Carnevale has always been one of those games that seemed like it would be really fun to play. I feel like now that's harder to ignore than before.

A Bit More Carnevale Fun!

There is also this set of Item Cards that are going to be handy for use during your games.

Item Cards - Carnevale

Item Cards // Carnevale

Snap this up as a useful reference option and as a way to spice up your games...

  • Equipment cards offer upgrades for a gang at an affordable price. From Gondolas to Parachutes to full Boats! These are reworked and easier to use than ever.
  • Artefact cards give players the option to take a single unique, powerful Artifact in their gang. From weighted dice to a death mask to a suit of plate armour, there’s something for everyone.
  • Ill Tides are a brand new addition to your games, offering negative items! If you’re over your Ducat limit, your opponent can draw one or more of these cards to even the scales. Be wary: they usually happen at the most inopportune moment!

I am all for those Ill Tides cards. I love the idea of playing around with ways to balance the scales as they say. A fun "random" element that could potentially lead to fascinating scenarios on the tabletop.

This isn't all that TTCombat have lined up either. You should certainly check out the ships over on their blog. We'll get a closer look at this nearer to the release date.

Are you tempted to snap up Carnevale with these new miniatures on the cards?

"Carnevale has always been one of those games that seemed like it would be really fun to play. I feel like now that's harder to ignore than before..."

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