Community Spotlight: Ancient Trees, Sleek Sci-Fi Soldiers & A Reliable Reliant

September 9, 2016 by brennon

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It's time for another Community Spotlight where we're checking out what's been happening in our Hobby & Painting Forum. Today we've got some awesome Sci-Fi and Fantasy picks for you starting off with...

PanOceania by joerugby

Here we have a deceptively simple but effective looking scheme. Using the same blue colour across the model he's managed to achieve a uniform 'army' look but by picking out details like the underarmour and focal points in metal you feel its elevated to the next level.

joerugby PanO #1

You can see it that little bit more here when we look at a trooper who is wearing less armour. The small hints of white and the grey make him stand out. It also draws attention to the facial details and the amazing work that's gone on.

joerugby PanO #2

The bases add that little extra something to the models too and plant them firmly in that Sci-Fi universe. I also like the little touch of the Great British flag on their shoulders.

joerugby PanO #3

I like that they aren't too obvious and have been nicely blended into the rest of the armour as a subtle nod to their allegiance. A very cool looking unit and I'm sure it will look even better when it's fighting it out on the tabletop.

Sylvaneth Treemen by beef5570

beef5570 has started a Project Log on the forums (see the link above) showing off the work going into his Sylvaneth army for Age of Sigmar. Here you can see some of his work that's already been completed with this trio of Treeman Ancients.

Treeman Ancients

As explained in the Log this was a simple scheme involving a simple base coat and then additional drybrushing and washes to bring out the details. Of course some of the big things like the weapons and the facial details have popped wonderfully too.

Treeman Ancients (Alt)

This is a fantastic set of miniatures and we can't wait to see more of the work that beef5570 has planned for his collection. It's certainly making me think that the Sylvaneth should be my port of call when it comes to Age of Sigmar!

More detailed shots of his Treemen can also be found HERE.

Cygnar Reliant by yavasa

Finishing things off for this week we're checking out this rather superb looking Reliant Warjack from Warmachine by yavasa. The traditional Cygnar colour scheme has always been one that never caught my attention...well, until now.

yavasa Reliant #1

I think this is a superb looking scheme where he's really gone to town on the blue to give it a shine and glow. The work on the white isn't overpowering either and works nicely as a spot colour. The dark bronze and dark metal also contrasts nicely too.

yavasa Reliant #2

The work that has gone into the gun arm here is nice too where it feels like its powering up, ready to blast away a pesky Khador Warjack.

yavasa Reliant #3

Overall we're seeing a very neat and effective paint job here that makes a regular ol' Warjack stand out on the tabletop. It might even have made me actually like Cygnar!

The Bloody Horde of Crom Cruach by yggdrasil

Of Gods & Mortals is a rules set that has been of interest to me for a while and so it was rather epic to see yggdrasil's work on his own Celtic warband for the game led by the monstrous Crom...


This creature forms the start of a new Project Log for the forums too and it will be fascinating to see where he goes with these creatures from myth and legend as well as those that are more Historically accurate.

Celtic Fanatics

You might want to avert your eyes children but here are some of his Celt Fanatics too who fight for him. They are daubed in very well painted woad which is awesome and I like the blood work going on here too.

Finally we also have these Cwn Annwn from his collection. They are spectral hounds who are known for their part in the Wild Hunt.

Cwnan Nwn

Here we have some nice fur work going on where he's struck a balance between the natural and the otherworldly. The splash of red to the ears also gives them an eerie quality.

As always if you want to get involved you can jump into our Hobby & Painting Forum and show off your work. We love seeing what you're working on.

What have you been working on this week?

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