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Brotherwise Games

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Bolt Action Goes Big! New World War 2 Miniatures For The Desert War + WIN Starter Set #OTTWeekender


It's OTT Weekender time! Warlord Games has gone big with a massive host of new 28mm Italian miniatures for use in their World War 2 wargame, Bolt Action. All of them are perfect for The Desert War alongside the new Starter Set.

Snag Brotherwise’s Stormlight Premium Miniatures On Kickstarter


Brotherwise Games has now taken to Kickstarter with their new Stormlight Archive Premium Miniatures. Unpainted and pre-painted figures are on the way for you to snap up if you're a massive Stormlight fan. 

Design A Digital Dungeon In A New Overboss Adaptation


The Boss Monster spin-off title, Overboss from Brotherwise Games will be heading to the realm of the digital.

Brotherwise Bringing Stormlight Archive Miniatures To Life Soon!


Brotherwise Games has announced that they are going to be working with Dragonsteel to bring the characters from Brandon Sanderson's The Stormlight Archives to the tabletop with a new series of 32mm miniatures. 

Craft & Pre-Order Castles By The Sea With Brotherwise Games!


Another fun one from the folks at Brotherwise Games! Castles By The Sea did really well on Kickstarter and now you can pre-order the game through their Backerkit. Fancy joining the little folk and crafting neat castles on the shoreline?

Brotherwise Games Showcase Stormlight Archive Minis For 2022


Brotherwise Games and Brandon Sanderson are expanding the universe, bringing miniatures of both heroes and villains from The Stormlight Archive.

Take Heroes Back With Call To Adventure’s Epic Origins


The Kickstarter campaign for Epic Origin has less than three days to go on the clock! Expand on your Call to Aventure hero in this standalone experience.

Call To Adventure: Epic Origins Kickstarter Expands Into Backstory


A brand new Call to Adventure has been announced by Brotherwise Games. As players can expand their fantasy universe into more lore and backstory.

Assassinate The Infiltrating Ninja House In Night Of The Ninja


Do you consider yourself stealthy? Like to lurk in the shadows, making the ones you love jump? As you leap out of darkness and scare the bejesus out of them! The upcoming board game from Brotherwise Games requires stealth, poise and grace. As players head into a deadly mission with courage in tow. In the new exciting title, Night of the Ninja. 

Amazing RPG Maps For Budding D&D Heroes + Adventure In Oz On Kickstarter! #OTTWeekender


It's OTTWeekender Time! We check out some amazing RPG maps for D&D heroes plus join an Adventure In Oz over on Kickstarter!

Pre-Orders Now Live For The Dragon Prince: Battlecharged


Brotherwise Games are now taking pre-orders for their new licensed board game, The Dragon Prince: Battlecharged. Set in the awesome animated world of The Dragon Prince and based on the hit Netflix show, take control of heroes and villains from the cartoon and dive into epic duels. 

Brotherwise Games Bringing The Dragon Prince To The Tabletop


As well as the new roleplaying game, Tales Of Xadia, it seems like The Dragon Prince is primed for tabletop domination this year. The frankly awesome cartoon series (well, at least in my opinion) is getting a new board game from Brotherwise Games called The Dragon Prince: Battlecharged.

Become The Villainous Overboss With Brotherwise Games


Brotherwise Games is closing in on the release of one of their new board games by Aaron Mesburne and Kevin Russ (Calico) which lets you be villainous!

Archaeological Board Game Unearth Gets First Expansion


Brotherwise Games have announced the first expansion to Unearth will be coming to game stores in 2019.

Craft Your Ideal Hero In Call To Adventure


Returning from fending off pesky adventurers in Boss Monster, Brotherwise Games visit the other side of the coin with Call to Adventure.

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