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Brotherwise Games

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Brotherwise Games Bringing The Dragon Prince To The Tabletop


As well as the new roleplaying game, Tales Of Xadia, it seems like The Dragon Prince is primed for tabletop domination this year. The frankly awesome cartoon series (well, at least in my opinion) is getting a new board game from Brotherwise Games called The Dragon Prince: Battlecharged.

Become The Villainous Overboss With Brotherwise Games


Brotherwise Games is closing in on the release of one of their new board games by Aaron Mesburne and Kevin Russ (Calico) which lets you be villainous!

Archaeological Board Game Unearth Gets First Expansion


Brotherwise Games have announced the first expansion to Unearth will be coming to game stores in 2019.

Craft Your Ideal Hero In Call To Adventure


Returning from fending off pesky adventurers in Boss Monster, Brotherwise Games visit the other side of the coin with Call to Adventure.

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