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Creature Caster

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Weekender: Star Wars Skirmish Rules & Latest Batman Miniatures


We're exploring more awesomeness from the tabletop world including a sexy young Viking that Lloyd might want to take home with him!

Creature Caster’s New Queen Of Ruin Spreads Her Pox & Plague


Creature Caster has another special miniature in the mix for the month of December.

Creature Caster Tease Their Upcoming Twisted Twins


Creature Caster has been teasing their newest creation which should be landing on their webstore soon.

Community Spotlight: Chaotic Queens, Warrior Orcs & Furry Friends

3 weeks ago 6

Come and check out more of the awesome painting that you folks have been getting up to over the past few weeks!

Weekender XLBS: Which Star Wars Scenario Did We Pick?


We decide on which historical scenario is going to be turned into a Star Wars one! Find out which one we picked from our Cult Of Games community this morning.

Creature Caster Introduce The King Of Ecstasy & October Previews


Creature Caster has been dropping some awesome miniatures into the mix for those who love their large scale additions to both armies and that painting shelf.

Creature Caster Cower Before The Mighty Drakon


Creature Caster has shown off an awesome new model, a mighty beast of war wielding a mighty axe. Check out the monstrous Drakon.

Creature Caster Summon The Lady Of Chaos


Creature Caster have been slowly teasing the release of their Lady of Chaos sculpt, keeping fans up to date with the evolution of the design through their blog. This week, finally, they released an image of the completed art piece.

Creature Caster Summon Forth The Queen Of Ecstasy


Creature Caster has summoned forth a fantastic new Demon for you to paint up and use in your games on the tabletop...or just look at lovingly. 

Creature Caster’s King Of Ruin Lays Waste To The Land


Creature Caster has released another hulking brute of a daemon onto their webstore. Here we have the mighty King Of Ruin, the perfect centrepiece for a Fantasy or Sci-Fi army, or maybe just an epic challenge for a painter.

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