Creature Caster’s King Of Malifica Looks Resplendent

August 25, 2020 by brennon

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Creature Caster has previewed a new monster for September, the masterful King Of Malificia Resplendent. This is going to be another of their rather epic looking sculpts which could sit on the mantlepiece or perhaps at the centre of your demonic army.

King Of Malifica Ascendant - Creature Caster

King Of Malifica Ascendent // Creature Caster

There are two different versions of the model that you can combine it seems. The first of these is the simpler (above) which shows off the King rampaging forward to devour everything in his wake with those gibbering mouths and flailing appendages. If you prefer something a little more complicated then they also have this version...

King Of Malifica Ascendant With Wings - Creature Caster

King Of Malifica Ascendent With Wings // Creature Caster

This builds more elements into the base and model itself plus of course those unfurled wings. I think if you really want to show off the power of the Changer Of Ways then this would be the way to present that. Imagine the kind of colours and vibrance you could get into those feathers and then how that might translate over into the body of the beast.

If this dynamic miniature looks like your cup of tea then you might want to check out their Facebook Page where they have been showing off a few links to painters who are tackling this.

Are you tempted by the King Of Malifica? 

"Are you tempted by the King Of Malifica? "

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