Weekender: Star Wars Skirmish Rules & Latest Batman Miniatures

November 30, 2019 by ludicryan

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Come and join us for a delve into what is new from a week in tabletop gaming as we sit down to discuss the News, Kickstarters and more.

Weekender: Star Wars Skirmish Rules & Latest Batman Miniatures

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Make sure to join in with the discussion down in the comments and let us know what you think about everything we're talking about today on The Weekender.

Firelock Games Week

We've got some neat stuff for you to explore from this week as we looked back at all of the games that Firelock have been working on. We had a full week of content talking about Blood & Plunder, Blood & Valor and Oak & Iron.


Also, you can join the Cult Of Games and check out our ace VLOG Series where we built a wonderful table to suit the Golden Age Of Piracy.

D-Day Campaign - Final Week!

Another reminder that you need to get your Battle Reports logged and delve into more of Flames Of War as the D-Day Campaign from Battlefront Miniatures is heading into its final week on Tuesday.

Let us know how things have been going for you as the Allies and Axis clash across our own take on Europe.


We've got some goodness from the week to delve into...

  • Blood Of Baal - See what you think of the news for Warhammer 40,000 and its skirmish games
  • Star Wars Skirmish - A new set of rules have been included in the mix by Fantasy Flight Games
  • Godtear Releases - See what you make of the new Starter Sets and Add-Ons from Steamforged Games
  • Creature Caster - There are two big demons for you to check out from them as December begins
  • Back To Gotham - Delve into some Batman-based goodness with their 3rd Edition set
  • RelicBlade 2nd Edition - Explore this awesome skirmish game from Metal King
  • Norman Archers - See what you think of these new digitally sculpted soldiers
  • Sexy Harald - V&V Miniatures has been tinkering away on some epic Varangian Guard models!

Was there anything from this week which particularly caught your eye?


What do you make of these new campaigns?

Let us know if you'll be backing either of these projects below...

Have a great weekend!

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