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VLOG: Making City States Terrain For The 35mm World Of Conquest!


Gerry sits down to power through some upgrading of our GameMatEU terrain to try and bring it more in line with the Fantasy vibes you get from the City States of Conquest. Do you think this fits in with Para Bellum Wargames' aesthetic?

GT EP91: Gaming on the Go. [Audio Version]


Create Rocky Landscapes With’s Pre-Painted Terrain

2 has reworked its rocky terrain so that it can be used in a more modular fashion on the tabletop. You can now get your hands on four sets/bundles of pre-painted resin terrain that could be used across a variety of 28mm scale wargames.

GameMat.Eu Show Off New Hive City Terrain Set


The team at GameMat.Eu has added a new kit into the mix for those looking to set up futuristic tabletops quickly. Here we have the Hive City Set which comes unpainted but should allow you to create some interesting tabletops.

Explore GameMat’s Pre-Painted Fallout Zone Terrain Set


GameMat.Eu has now released their next set of Pre-Painted terrain which would be great for your Sci-Fi games.

GameMat.Eu Head To A Lost World With New Mat Design


GameMat.Eu is working away on some cool stuff as they showed off their work on a new mat design, the Lost World.

Massive 40K Apocalypse Gaming Table Build [Part One]


Preparations for the epic 40K Hobby Weekend are well underway as Lloyd and John explain the plan for constructing the MASSIVE 20ft Warhammer Apocalypse table the attendees will be waging war on!

GameMat.Eu’s Dank Sewers & Ruined Bunkers Coming Soon


GameMat.Eu has been previewing more of the Fallout Zone terrain they have been working on to help create some interesting places for you to skirmish!

Blasted Warzone Terrain On The Cards From GameMat.Eu


GameMat.Eu is working away on some new terrain options for people to use when building blasted tabletops that have seen war and ruin.

GameMat.Eu Customise Your Tabletop Objectives


GameMat.Eu is looking to provide you with another option when it comes to your tabletop Objective Markers.

GameMat.Eu Sum Up 2019’s Prague Open Wargaming Tournament


Gamemat.Eu have published an overview of this year's Prague Open Wargaming Event, with players coming from all over to compete in Warhammer 40,000, Age of Sigmar, and Blood Bowl.

Battle Through The City Of Steel Terrain Set By GameMat.Eu


GameMat.Eu has designed a set of MDF terrain for you to use in your futuristic games on the tabletop. Take a peek at the City Of Steel...

GameMat.Eu Release New Double-Sided Sci-Fi Mat


GameMat.Eu has combined two of their newer mats into a double-sided design. This new pairing brings together the ChemZone look and the Necropolis design. 

Gamemat.Eu Take A Trip Through Their Necropolis Portal


Gamemat.Eu have come out with a new piece of pre-painted sci-fi terrain. Who knows what lies beyond the Necropolis Portal?

Weekender: Stellar Starships & Core Space Update!


We're getting stuck into Core Space with Battle Systems and looking at 3D Printed Starships with 2nd Dynasty!

New 6×3 Mat Styles Available From GameMat.Eu


GameMat.Eu has added two new 6x3 Mats to their collection for those looking for an alternative set up on their gaming tabletop.

GameMat.Eu Craft A Centrepiece For The Tabletop, The Necropolis Portal


GameMat.Eu has been working away on a new piece of terrain to use as a centrepiece when it comes to their Necropolis range.

Gamemat.Eu’s City Of Steel Terrain Rises Up For Pre-Order

2 have a new set of MDF coloured terrain available to pre-order, letting your games take place amidst a City of Steel.

GameMat.Eu Takes Cover Behind A Derelict Grav-Train


GameMat.Eu has been showing off one of their new terrain pieces that works well with the Necropolis set that was released not long ago.

GameMat.Eu’s Necropolis Terrain & Mat Now Available


GameMat.Eu has now released their new Necropolis Terrain & Mat for you to use in your horrifying games set in the grimdark future. 

Weekender: Win Warhounds & Beer Steins + A Space Hulk Challenge!


Get stuck into our Space Hulk Tactics Hobby Challenge AND comment to win yourself some awesome Warhound Titans AND Warhammer 40,000 Steins from Half Moon Bay

Comment & Like To Win Yourself Some New Necropolis GameMat.Eu Terrain


GameMat.Eu has previewed one of their new projects! The Necropolis is going to be a new set of pre-painted terrain and a new mat too.

GameMat.Eu Open Up Ticket Sales For Prague Open 2019!


GameMat.Eu is hosting their Prague Open 2019 wargaming event next February (16th-17th), featuring two days of intense gaming for Warhammer 40,000, Age Of Sigmar, Blood Bowl and Kill Team. 

GameMat.Eu’s Ace Kill Team Chem-Zone Terrain Now Available


Plan out a narrative battlefield for your Kill Team campaigns with new GameMat.Eu Chem-Zone Terrain!

GameMat.Eu Release New Kill Team Worthy Double-Sided Mat


The team at GameMat.Eu has put together their Fallout Zone & Quarantine Zone mat designs into one Double-Sided Mat

GameMat.Eu Offer Up Folding Gaming Tables With Mats


GameMat.Eu has a new of their G-Board for you to check out over on their webstore. Each of the tables is 6x4 and folds away in a very compact fashion so that you can store it in your home or venue. 

New Chem Zone Terrain Now Available From GameMat.Eu


GameMat.Eu has a new set of completely pre-painted terrain for you to bring to the tabletop.

Gamemat.Eu’s Gothic Ruins Appear in A Small Set


Gamesmat.Eu has released a small set of their Gothic Ruins terrain, more suitable for those battles fighting out across a smaller tablespace.

Gamemat.Eu Bubble Up Their Pre-Painted Chem Zone Terrain

9 recently published images of their upcoming pre-painted Chem Zone Terrain.

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