Create Rocky Landscapes With’s Pre-Painted Terrain

October 11, 2022 by brennon

Supported by (Turn Off) has reworked its rocky terrain so that it can be used in a more modular fashion on the tabletop. You can now get your hands on four sets/bundles of pre-painted resin terrain that could be used across a variety of 28mm scale wargames.

Desert Rocks - GameMat EU

Desert Rocks //

There are sets for Desert, Lava, Snow and Grassy and each of the packs comes with a good selection of modular terrain pieces that can be used to provide you with some seriously cover.

Lava Rocks - GameMat EU

Lava Rocks // GameMat,eu

I was particularly drawn to the look of the Lava Rocks as I think they would be rather fantastic when used alongside the newly (or near to newly) released Leagues Of Votann. I could imagine those Space Dwarves battling it out across a mining world that looks like this.

Snow Rocks - GameMat EU

Snow Rocks //

The Snow Rocks would also be a solid option for those looking to design interesting tabletops for the likes of Frostgrave. Situate these around some crumbling ruins and you'd have a rather lovely-looking tabletop.

The Grassy Rocks on the other hand would be a solid option for someone playing Star Wars: Legion I reckon. You could get some good use out of these on a forest moon perhaps?

Grassy Rocks - GameMat EU

Grassy Rocks //

I like that the green has been picked out in very choice areas. It doesn't overwhelm the terrain but certainly makes you think of a much more woody, wet landscape. As someone who is quite into their Middle-earth (who would have thought it?) I also think these would be great for the far reaches of Eriador and the Trollshaws. You might even be able to put a ruin on top of one of these and turn it into Weathertop.

All of these kits come at a bit of a premium when it comes to cost but if you have the hobby budget and you really don't want to make your own terrain, I could see this being a solid option. There are lots of buildings out there but it's always nice to see rocks, trees and the like to help bulk out a collection.

Could you be tempted by these new rocky bundles?

"The Snow Rocks would also be a solid option for those looking to design interesting tabletops for the likes of Frostgrave..."

Supported by (Turn Off)

Supported by (Turn Off)

Supported by (Turn Off)

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