Weekender: Stellar Starships & Core Space Update!

January 19, 2019 by lloyd

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Welcome to The Weekender for this week where we're looking at some awesome stuff for those travelling into space with both Battle Systems and 2nd Dynasty.

Weekender: Stellar Starships & Core Space Update!

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Make sure to get involved in the comments below as you could win some awesome prizes this week from both 2nd Dynasty and the new Middle-earth range.

Bolt Action Team Call To Action

We're still looking for team members to join our All-Ireland squad that will be competing for glory in games of Bolt Action. You can find out more concerning what we're looking for and the tournaments ahead HERE.


We're kicking off with some news today and delving into some great goings-on from the tabletop world...

What caught your eye in the news this week?

Weekender: Stellar Starships & Core Space Update!

Core Space Update & Sales!

The folks from Battle Systems came into the studio to talk about how things are going with Core Space and the release alongside a sale (which you can see HERE) of some of their products, giving you access to loads of cool terrain options.

2nd Dynasty Spaceships + Win Your Pledge!

If you like Core Space and fighting it out in space then we also talked with Ben Mowbray from 2nd Dynasty about their current 3D Printing Kickstarter which is looking to bring loads of cool ships to the tabletop!


We also have time to delve into another Kickstarter from this week as Privateer Press are bringing their new Art Book to life via the fundraising platform.

Make sure to tell us if you're going to be going in for this and what other companies you'd like to see making art books!

Weekender: Stellar Starships & Core Space Update!

Competition - Win The Three Hunters!

We've got a great competition for you this week where one winner could get their hands on the Three Hunters Set (Aragorn, Legolas, Gimli) from Games Workshop which will be out in plastic soon.

...or you could win Justin's yellow blanket...yay.

As always if you want to see if you won a prize go over to the Prize Claim Centre and make sure to Claim Your Prize!

Have a great weekend of gaming!

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