Vampires & Skaven Clash & Three Hunters Are Abroad In Middle-earth!

January 7, 2019 by brennon

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Things aren't just hotting up for those getting stuck into their Warhammer 40,000 from Games Workshop. Age Of Sigmar is getting a new boxed game to bring people into the fold, Carron Empires!

This new set looks to pit the monstrous Vampires of the Flesh-eater Court against the scurrying machinations of the Skaven. The set comes with plenty of contraptions, monsters and foul fiends which could make the basis of a new army.

Carrion Empire Main - Games Workshop

The big addition to the box, however, is the inclusion of two new character models which you can use to lead your force. On the one side, you have the Arch Regent who is looking resplendent in all of his winged glory, drawing very much on the Strigoi from folklore and of course the Old World.

Arch Regent - Games Workshop

He is then matched by a crazy looking Skaven Warlock Engineer who is no doubt going to do as much damage to himself as he is his enemies if I know rats...

Skaven Warlock - Games Workshop

A few people have already been saying that the new Warlock looks like he could be touting a guitar to go head-to-head with the Noise Marine we saw just after Christmas. Both are looking miniatures I think you'll agree.

I do worry for the Flesh-eater Court player however with that box. Whilst they have plenty of monsters in the mix the Skaven player is able to draw on some fairly heavy duty kit there!

Gloomspite Gitz Pre-Orders

If you've been hiding under a rock recently then you won't have known that the Gloomspite Gitz are out and about with pre-orders now open for their range.

You can check out all that they have to offer in more detail HERE.

The Three Hunters!

Middle-earth is still seeing itself bloom under Games Workshop right now and new miniatures are on the way to support the focus at the moment on Gondor At War.

Gondor At War Supplement - Games Workshop

This new book will give you plenty of scenarios, rules and more for fighting out the battles that are facing the beleaguered defenders of the White City and Osgiliath. You'll also find rules for new characters and thematic armies too, giving you plenty of options for making a force worthy to face Sauron...or maybe support him.

Some of the new miniatures include these Three Hunters, fresh off the boat at Harlond.

Three Hunters - Games Workshop

Three of the mightiest members of the Fellowship heading to the tabletop to do battle? I think I'll take a set of these, please! The miniatures are looking good once more despite the strange paint jobs for the face of Legolas. He looks more like an anime character than he does the Prince of Mirkwood. However, after seeing the work others have done on the new plastic miniatures and such I have faith these are going to rock.

I mean, how could I say no to that Gimli!

Are you tempted by some of the new Fantasy offerings from Games Workshop?

"Some of the new miniatures include these Three Hunters, fresh off the boat at Harlond..."

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