Enter The 7TV World Of MANTA Ray 5 Soon With Crooked Dice!

August 9, 2023 by brennon

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Crooked Dice are going to be taking pre-orders for the Pulp world of MANTA Ray 5 this Friday for use with the game, 7TV! A Feature Pack is going to be landing alongside a whole host of new miniatures that you can use to play out your tabletop TV shows.

Manta Ray 5 - Crooked Dice

Manta Ray 5 // Crooked Dice

Matched to the new 7TV Core Rulebook, this Feature Pack will come with a three episode campaign where you'll see the M.A.N.T.A Forces going up against the undersea forces of the Nautican Empire.

MANTA Forces - Crooked Dice

M.A.N.T.A Forces // Crooked Dice

I'm sure those out there who know their retro TV are going to be excited at the coming of the M.A.N.T.A Forces. I can already hear that theme music playing in the back of my skull and it won't be going away for a while. You've got a whole bunch of characters here that would be awesome as the main focus of your scenarios as well as those joining as NPCs and such.

Going up against the M.A.N.T.A Forces, we have the Nautican Empire led by one of their mighty lords. I really love the shell design for the lead fellow's helmet and the coral look to the heads of the other warriors. Tridents seem like a must for a force like this and the cool blue is a great look!

Nautican Empire - Crooked Dice

Nautican Empire // Crooked Dice

You could of course paint them green if you liked! The entire collection will feature twenty-five miniatures from Iain Colwell and Ian Mountain. They were then painted up by Kevin Dallimore. Some more previews are coming up during the week so watch out for them ahead of the pre-order launch this weekend.

Will you be diving in and picking up these new miniatures?

"I can already hear that theme music playing in the back of my skull..."

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