Visit Crooked Dice’s Colony 87 Once Again On Kickstarter

October 12, 2021 by brennon

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Crooked Dice are going to be returning to Kickstarter soon with another Sci-Fi project that looks to expand on the characters and personalities that you'll find at Colony 87. Take a peek at some of the upcoming 28mm miniatures here.

Colony 87 Wave Four - Crooked Dice

Colony 87 Wave Four Kickstarter // Crooked Dice

There is a nice collection of new miniatures as part of this campaign as well as options from previous fundraising efforts. All of them are pretty darn perfect for those playing games of 7TV but they would also make excellent crew members for games like Stargrave!

Market Folk - Crooked Dice

Market Folk // Crooked Dice

A range of sculptors have come together for this project including Michael Anderson, Michael Lovejoy and Andrew May. Not only would these characters make for perfect crewmates but also impressive foes and non-player characters that you might run into during your space-faring adventures.

Nobles - Crooked Dice

Nobles // Crooked Dice

There is a quirky-looking set of characters in the mix here, especially when it comes to the Nobles. All of them seem suitably 70s and 80s in their look and feel and they would work really well in a classic Sci-Fi adventure or something grimdark!

Outlanders - Crooked Dice

Outlanders // Crooked Dice

As mentioned above, there is a good mix of both new and old in this Kickstarter campaign. I particularly liked this set of Salvagers here which seem perfect for the likes of Stargrave. Who could say no to those lovable robots?

Salvagers - Colony 87

Salvagers // Colony 87

If you're interested in checking out some of the existing range then you can take a peek at it as part of their Crooked Dice Archive. There are loads of characters, villains, aliens and even a few vehicles too. It's a very neat collection, especially if you're eager to play lots and lots of Sci-Fi adventures.

Are you going to be checking out this Kickstarter today?

"It's a very neat collection, especially if you're eager to play lots and lots of Sci-Fi adventures..."

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