Fee Fi Fo Fum! Giants & More Come To Mierce’s Darklands

December 19, 2016 by brennon

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Some monstrous giants and more are coming to the tabletop for Darklands this month thanks to Mierce Miniatures. There's little reason to hang around here so let's get stuck in and check out what's on offer...


Zhull is an amazing sculpt and the paint job here has taken things to another level. As a mutated beast, this creature has been warped beyond the norm and its typical bestial body has been gifted with some extra gribbly bits. I can just imagine this towering over the battlefield smashing creatures into a fine paste.


Following along from him we're now turning our attention to some other giants with a more original feel to them. Here we have Dungab and Beglo who are a pair of Oghurithne Warrior.


With a couple of titanic weapons in his hands, Dungab is a dangerous fellow to dice with and I love the menhir strapped to his back. You have to wonder to the big creature he has brought low too by the size of that skull.


Beglo has a similar feel to him but with a more 'come and get it' looking stance. I do like the way they've been sculpted up and the extra detail worked into the leather clothing really adds to the models. It's a shame that their faces are a little too similar as it would have been nice to see more character there.

Things are never normal in the world of Darklands though and this next giant certainly fits into that category. See what you think of Gorugg!


This fellow is a Feral Oghurüc and has stepped out of a nightmare world where strange magic has warped his body and turned him into a devastating looking creature. I love the one eyed look which gives him a sense of the Fimir about him and almost an alien quality.

The Trees Awake

If you like your Ents and Treemen (and who doesn't) then the next two releases might be up your street. Leading the Beasts of Síleann Fen we have Cúlaítar who has summoned his kin from the shadows and now they march to war to protect their swamps, glades and places of power.


While some companies go for quite lithe looking Treemen I like the big stompy quality of these beasts, as if they have ripped themselves clean of the ground with little care for their own well-being when interlopers come a-knocking and chopping.


As you can see even when they're small they have a considerable bulk to them and they'd be awesome arrayed on the tabletop ready to squash whatever corrupted beasts are looking to burn and pillage their lands.

Villains Seeking Flesh & War

On the character front, we've got an eclectic bunch too including the likes of Ágriosávra, Sun Warrior on Sávrakh atop his mighty lizard.


Stomping into battle you can already see how the movement of his beast has been captured in the sculpt. The rider looks natural too sitting atop his beast with sword at the ready. I like the expression on his face and the missile caught in his shield adding to the story being told here.

In terms of character our next release certainly takes all of the best bits from their kills. Meet the Flesh-Drune and Nithings Unit, the Flesh Scavengers...


Having butcher all manner of creatures these creatures are going to be wandering the battlefield looking to pick up all the bits and pieces you leave behind. Imagine the cool tabletop you could build based around this idea!

Roaring Monsters

Finally, we're turning our attention to two roaring beasts in two different styles. First, we have the bipedal Hammer-Druc, Meat-Hulk...


You can imagine this creature being unleashed upon poor warriors who get dragged into an area pit somewhere deep within enemy territory. I want to cover those big stone weapon heads with blood as if he has just squished something between them.

Last of all, but certainly not least, we have The Horror of Scumasthorpe, Foul Chimera. Now THAT is a beast...


While of course this would be wonderful for Darklands I could see this being snapped up by a role-playing group or two to include in their campaigns as a massive boss beast. With three deadly heads there's no shortage of brutality to be dished out here.

Phew, what a selection. Now you need to tell us what your favourite is!

What do you think?

"I can just imagine this towering over the battlefield smashing creatures into a fine paste..."

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