Mierce Unleash More Monsters & Heroes On Darklands This Month

September 14, 2015 by brennon

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It's time to check out some more of the monstrous beasts and valiant heroes that inhabit the world of Darklands from Mierce Miniatures. There is another epic haul once again this month...

Mounted Warriors

Riding in on their mighty chargers we have some impressive models that act as heroes in your warband. The first of these is the sword wielding champion Eadric. I have to say on this occasion I think I prefer the foot version to the mounted one but that wolf shield is just brilliant.


Following on from Eadric we have Mananaan complete with halberd and axe when mounted. I quite like the look of his horse but the only thing that puts me off here when it comes to the mounted version is the helmet.


Last for the mounted warriors we're joined by Equitus Durio charging forth into battle. In this case I quite like the slimmer look of his horse and the leaning pose leads a lot more action to the model as a whole.


Once again I think I'll go back to what I've mentioned in the past with this range. Their on-foot models are fantastic but the mounted one just don't have the same draw for me. Equitus Durio is an exception to the rule however for the reasoning mentioned above.

Keen-Eyed Archers & Troops

Before we get stuck into some troops for Darklands lets take a look at another hero who will be drawing her bowstring to take out her enemies at range. Carys is looking very deadly indeed...


I'm a big fan of cloaks and the fur is always welcome on these kind of Dark Age era models. I also like the pose, right in the middle of firing an arrow with her eyes on the target. It would be great to see her painted up so they could pick out all the details on her leather armour.

Charging into battle as a group we also have the Oghu Keepers...


...and my favourite, the Hrafnen Crew.


Both of these units are great looking although the Hrafnen Crew take it by virtue of being closer to the kind of Dark Age aethetic that I love. I do like the monstrous and almost troll/orc-like nature of the Oghu Keepers though and think the wild man look has been captured fantastically.

Monsters & Priests

Last but not least with have some models that are both titanic and eerie. See what you think of the mighty Kholukk, Ogre Drake of the Grimwald firstly.


Now if that isn't a wonderful stand in for the likes of Dragon Ogres in Warhammer Fantasy then I don't know what is. I like that they've toned down the musculature of the model too on the dragon portion of the body to give it a more lithe and sinewy look.

If you're a fan of really hard to pronounce names then also say hello to N'nhohbs'aak'chs the Tainted. I think that has more syllables then is entirely reasonable.


I know some people had very strange names back then but Mierce Miniatures seem to take it to an entirely new level. I can't imagine ever reading half of these names out right, never mind remembering them, if I was playing the game.

At any rate you have this bloated creature of a man with the fly standard to welcome in a new age of pestilence. I'm not really a big fan of this model if I'm honest and I think they could have gone down the pestilence route with a more lank and emaciated figure instead.

What do you think?

"I do like the monstrous and almost troll/orc-like nature of the Oghu Keepers though and think the wild man look has been captured fantastically..."

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