Six More Expansions Detailed For FFG’s RuneWars Miniatures Game

March 8, 2017 by brennon

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Fantasy Flight Games has detailed six new expansions which will be coming out to help bolster your RuneWars force when the miniatures game launches soon. Heroes, Monsters and Infantry are on the cards...

Lord Hawthorne

Leading the way we have the valiant looking Lord Hawthorne for the Daqan forces. You can see that the set comes with a version of him on foot and mounted on a trusty charger. He is the arch enemy of the renegade sorcerer Ankaur Maro who has returned to the battlefield once more ahead of the Undead Waiqar forces and now he fancies taking down his old foe.

Talking of the undead sorcerer, here is Ankaur Maro!

Ankaur Maro

As a learned sorcerer, he was talented beyond many of his peers but soon delved too deep into the realm of dark magic. He now knows the secrets of blood, bones and death and seeks to gain dominance over all on the battlefield. The model is looking superb and comes with options for him as a mounted hero or on foot, similar to Lord Hawthorne.


The solid backbone of any army is the core infantry and there are two more packs coming out for the forces of Daqan and Waiqar to help bolster that reserve of troops. New Spearmen...


...and Reanimates are making their way onto the tabletop allowing you to build up a force to fit your needs.


I've actually had a little peek at these models in the flesh and they are rather fantastic. The detail on the sculpts is superb and they seriously look like they're going to be a joy to paint.


Sometimes you don't need finesse in battle. That's where these big burly beasts come in as we get expansion boxes for the Rune Golems...

Rune Golems

...and the Carrion Lancers.

Carrion Lancers

You get one of these creatures each in the main boxed game from Fantasy Flight but this allows you to maybe run a few of them individually or as a larger unit, working together to crush your foes. As I've mentioned in the past the Rune Golems are what sold me on this games aesthetic and I can't wait to get to paint them.

What do you think?

"Leading the way we have the valiant looking Lord Hawthorne for the Daqan forces..."

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