Learn More About Maul In New Star Wars: Legion Preview

October 28, 2020 by brennon

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Fantasy Flight Games have been continuing with the Clone Wars-era previews for Star Wars: Legion as they took a look at the deadly and somewhat hard done by Sith apprentice, Darth Maul...or just Maul to his "friends".

Maul Miniature - Star Wars Legion

Darth Maul & Sith Probe Droids // Star Wars: Legion

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This new set from Fantasy Flight Games comes with a new Operative miniature for Darth Maul for you to include as part of your Separatist army on the tabletop. He can be assembled in a variety of fo ways, although they haven't been shown here. He also comes with those Sith Probe Droids which you'll know from The Phantom Menace.

I have always thought that Darth Maul got a bit of a raw deal in the mainline Star Wars films. He seemed like a genuinely interesting villain with a very cool look and style of fighting that we'd not seen before in Star Wars. A lot of people think that he should have made it through the first film after killing Qui-Gon Jinn and been a masterful foe for Obi-Wan to battle against throughout the prequels.

He did, thankfully, get a lot of character development as part of the Clone Wars TV series and later into Rebels. I won't say much more but they do the character justice (in my opinion) and he has a suitable final moment to his character arch. In terms of the miniature though, they seem to have done a super job of capturing Ray Park's iconic look and fighting stance!

This version of Maul is certainly a deadly threat to contend with and his double-bladed lightsaber does some serious damage!

Maul Stat Cards - Star Wars Legion

Darth Maul Stat Cards // Star Wars: Legion

His Juyo Mastery makes him a fearsome foe to leave alive and you'll need to make sure that you deliver a finishing blow or he will be out for blood. His Sith Probe Droids also help your troops focus in on particular units and they are going to be a bugger to kill thanks to their Incognito rule.

As you might imagine, he has some suitably powerful Command Cards as well.

Maul Command Cards - Star Wars Legion

Darth Maul Command Cards // Star Wars: Legion

I love that they've themed Darth Maul around that impatient edge that he has in the films and cartoons. He seems like a super fun character to drop into the mix during your Clone War-era games and it would be fun to see him cutting his way through Clone Troopers.

Are you tempted to pick him up and would you maybe even change things up to allow him to act as a bit of a free agent in your games? Maul certainly has no real love for the Separatists after his "demise" in The Phantom Menace after all.

What do you make of the new Maul miniature?

"What do you make of the new Maul miniature?"

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