Norsgard Welcomes The Alliance of the Bat

May 28, 2012 by brennon

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We saw some snap shot concept art of these fellows last week but here are the full colour pieces for the Dwarf Ranger and Wolfen from the world of Norsgard...

Norsgard Dwarf Ranger

Norsgard Wolfen

This new faction is just as you might expect from the artwork. Yes, its an alliance of Werewolves and Dwarves! The Starter Set for them will include two Dwarf Rangers, one of the Wolfen and a Dwarf Hero to lead them into the fray.

Pushing this Faction forwards is, you guessed it, a Kickstarter campaign which you can see right here.

Fenrir's Brute

That's where this lovely beast comes in. Fenrir's Beast is another one of the models on the horizon if the Kickstarter total is reached.

I have high hopes for this new venture since the quality from Norsgard has been great so far. Let's hope that trend continues as their world expands.

Will you be enjoying a faction of beasts and beards?

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