New Pre-Orders for Relics

August 15, 2011 by dracs

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Good news for all Orcnar and Britanans! Tor Gaming have got some new minis available to pre-order for Relics.

First up there is the Orcnar Grymman.

These screaming horrors descend on the enemy, letting lose a series of sonic booms to obliterate those who stand before the tribe.

Yet Britanan will not stand defenceless. Check out their latest puppet soldier, the Britanan Marksman.

The marksmen are the best the rifle corps have to offer. The puppet armies of Britana often contain a good number of these elite sharp shooters to help take down the enemy from afar.

I really like how these miniatures look. I have a special soft spot for the Britanan puppets. I mean who doesn't love those creepy little guys?

What do you all think of these? Are the miniatures themselves good? Do any of you think you might buy yourselves one or two?

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