Sword & Board Off To Twelve Elements Kickstarter Success

December 3, 2013 by brennon

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Sword & Board Games, as you might have seen from our website, have launched their Kickstarter for Twelve Elements of War and it is already going great guns with their being practically withing touching distance of their target.

Twelve Elements Of War Rulebook

This project is a collaborative effort between the folks at Sword & Board and River Horse, which you might know as the home of Alessio Cavatore. They are looking to bring a 28mm skirmish game with a very distinct look and feel and an overarching campaign aspect to the tabletop with some great looking miniatures too.

Shadow Hold Male Faun

Shadow Hold Male Elf

Shadow Hold Bane Knight

Mining Guild Troll

Mining Guild Male Dwarf

The folks behind this have been working their fingers to the bone trying to make this a worthwhile project and as you've seen in the run up to this, they have been sculpting away like mad.

I think this game is looking like it could be a hell of a lot of fun and I think it's grand to see a fantasy skirmish game coming back into the fold that pushes that deep narrative feel of an ever evolving warband. Just let me at those Dwarfs!

What do you think?

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