The Worthy Painting Relics Repaint Continues

June 18, 2012 by brennon

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Worthy Painting have been hard at work on more painted miniatures for the Relics line by Tor Gaming. Check out their stunning painted Orcnar and Vaettir below...

Worthy Painting - Vaettir (Front)

Worthy Painting - Vaettir (Rear)

First up is this exquisite looking Vaettir. They really seem to have captured the fey and mystical feeling in the model.

Worthy Painting - Orcnar Warband

Next up are the Orcnar. Above is a small warband ready to take to the field. The new paint scheme on these models really ties into the darker nature of the Nuem from their IndieGoGo campaign.

Worthy Painting - Orcnar #1

Worthy Painting - Orcnar #2

Worthy Painting - Orcnar #3

As with the Vaettir you can see this is a pretty spectacular looking paint job on these models. The tattoo work is great and the bloody splatters on the 'Gremlins' really works too. This has certainly given a new lease of life to the Relics line!

What do you make of these Worthy Painting Relics?

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