Asgard Rising Call On The Valkyries For 3D Printing Patreon

October 13, 2020 by brennon

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Asgard Rising continue their Norse adventures on Patreon with more 3D Printing packages in 28mm for use in your Fantasy tabletop games. The focus this week is on some mighty Valkyries who are descending from Valhalla to do battle with rotting Draugr!

Winged Valkyrie #1 - Asgard Rising

Winged Valkyrie With Spear // Asgard Rising

There are three Valkyries for you to choose from which comes with some impressive wings and weapons at the ready to strike down the terrible foes that threaten Midgard and Asgard. The design of them draws on a few different influences including the likes of the new God Of War. Weapon options include spears, bows and swords.

Winged Valkyrie #2 - Asgard Rising

Winged Valkyrie With Bow // Asgard Rising

I really like these takes on the Valkyrie which retains a lot of that classic look for these angelic individuals but also makes them seem a little creepier. I like the tattered nature of their wings and you could see them looking awesome painted up in a deep black. You could then contrast that with really pale skin and bloody clothes to make them quite terrifying.

Winged Valkyrie #3 - Asgard Rising

Winged Valkyrie With Sword // Asgard Rising

If you're looking for some seriously impressive winged infantry to use in your games then I think these are right on the money. I like the idea of maybe using them as leader figures for your armies too, taking command of your regular Viking warriors as they charge into battle.

The Draugr Rise Up

As well as the Valkyries you can also pick up some new miniatures for those who prefer the dark side. There are a number of Draugr available with a selection of different weapons allowing you to build them with regular melee weapons...

Draugr Warriors - Asgard Rising

Draugr Warriors // Asgard Rising

...or perhaps bows if you prefer to keep your enemies at range. These are some super looking Draugr for you to introduce into skirmish games. I like that they're not quite rotten and have plenty of stretched skin on the bone; even a few eyes to peer at you from the darkness!

Draugr Bowmen - Asgard Rising

Draugr Bowmen // Asgard Rising

Much like with the Valkyries, if you're seeking to theme a Norse army to be a little more Fantastical then you might want to consider these. I like the idea of doing a Fantasy RPG and focusing it all around the theme of Norse Mythology. Then, you'd have a perfect opportunity to include these in your games over regular skeletons and zombies.

Werebears & Wyrd Terrain

There are a few more offerings available this month including this impressive Berserkir Werebear.

Berserkir Werebear - Asgard Rising

Berserkir Werebear // Asgard Rising

Were-creatures of any sort are certainly up there on my list of "coolest things ever" and this fellow is no different. Whilst this fellow would feel like a good fit for a Dark Age game I think it'd be fun to use him to represent your player character in something like World Of Darkness too.

Last but not least, I wanted to also show off this impressive piece of terrain for Sleeping Swiatowid The WorldSeeker.

Sleeping Swiatowid The WorldSeeker - Asgard Rising

Sleeping Swiatowid The WorldSeeker // Asgard Rising

I love the idea of including this on your gaming table and mixing it in amongst a lot of other trees and rocks. Only then as your players look closely do they realise what lies deep within the forest. You could even tie a buff or debuff to this particular terrain piece too which represents his influence over the world around him.

I think you'll agree these are some great miniatures which have oodles of character. Are you tempted to back Asgard Rising's Patreon?

Let me know your thoughts below...

"Are you tempted to back Asgard Rising's Patreon?"

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