Mighty Titans Aid The City States In Para Bellum’s Conquest!

March 16, 2023 by brennon

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Para Bellum Wargames have now added a new set of miniatures to their webstore for you to pre-order and add to your Conquest: The Last Argument Of Kings armies! Mighty titans are on the warpath, looking to aid the City States in their wars against the other nations of Ea.

Promethean - Conquest 23

Promethean // Conquest

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The cyclopean walls of the cities that dot the landscape of the City States were built thanks to the aid of the Prometheans and the Hephaestians. These ancient and titanic allies of the Scholae have powerful and primordial knowledge in their souls which has helped shape the City States into what they are today.

They are rarely seen on the battlefield but when they do stride forth, they can crack and sunder pretty much any enemy that stands in their way. These massive miniatures showcase the Greek Mythology that has been intertwined with the City States and more of the lore behind the faction. I love that we've got more of that magical and mechanical element built into their design which then filters down into the rank and file.

Hephaestian - Conquest 23

Hephaestian // Conquest

The same goes for the monstrous Hephaestian who can also be built out of the same kit. Whereas the Prometheans use the knowledge of creation in order to craft their arms and armour and give themselves boons, the Hephaestians have chosen destruction. They use the raw elements around them to cause havoc on the battlefield. It's one way to keep the mortals in check when they suddenly find themselves faced with a "god".

Keep Your Army Ticking

Keeping with the mechanical vibe, the City States are also able to call on the Mechanists to aid them in war.

Mechanist - Conquest

Mechanist // Conquest

Mechanists support all of the armies that march to war. They are supposedly there to make sure that the machines of your army continue to operate under the rigours of battle but for those in the know, they are really there to make sure that reality itself keeps to its intended path. You can't have things going awkwardly when the Lexicons given by their Divinity have structured things "just so".

Another awesome miniature that brings together the magical and the mechanical. It's always nice seeing how Para Bellum Wargames take traditional concepts and ideas and put their own unique spin on them.

New First Blood Warbands

Last but not least, you're also going to be able to get your hands on a bunch of First Blood Warbands. Focusing on the City States, this set comes with all the things you need to get skirmishing with the newest faction in Conquest.

City States First Blood Warband - Conquest

City States - First Blood Warband // Conquest

This set comes with two squads of Hoplites, a squad of Phalangites, a Minotaur, a Polemarch and an Officer called a Dorylatis (new to this box!). You will also get your First Blood II Rulebook and everything else you need to get started besides dice, measuring devices and the like.

This could be good for simply skirmishing away OR you could use it as the basis of your next big army.

Could you be tempted to dive into the City States now you've seen these new miniatures?

"The cyclopean walls of the cities that dot the landscape of the City States were built thanks to the aid of the Prometheans and the Hephaestians..."

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