Grab Heroic 3D Printable Sci-Fi Romans With New Legio Prima Victrix Kickstarter!

September 12, 2023 by brennon

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You can now grab yourself a new set of 32mm 3D Printable Sci-Fi Warriors over on Kickstarter right now as part of DakkaDakka.Store's Legio Prima Victrix campaign. Will you be heading off to forge an empire with these power-armoured miniatures?

Legion Prima Victrix Kickstarter - DakkaDakka ALT

Legio Prima Victrix Kickstarter // DakkaDakka.Store

The focus of this particular campaign is to get a new range of around 300 3D Printable files into the hands of hobbyists so they can start building alternative armies for Sci-Fi wargames, perhaps even the grimdark kind! Inspired by the look and feel of classic Ancient Roman Legionaries, the idea is that these miniatures provide you with another way for you to bring these warriors from history to the tabletop in a futuristic setting.

Painted Examples - Legion Prima Victrix

Painted Examples // Legio Prima Victrix

The set features a range of character miniatures to use as your legendary heroes as well as the core of your army when it comes to the infantry side of things. The basic foot troops are the Princeps Cohorte Squad where you get access to loads of different weapon options, bodies, arms, legs and more to make your own bespoke force.

If you're interested in looking at the different bits from DakkaDakka.Store and you'd like to try them out before you pledge, there is a free Bitz Pack that you can get your hands on. You could kitbash these with your existing miniatures to see if they work for you.

Additionally, here is a look at how the miniatures look when compared against a few of their Battle Brothers.

Miniature Comparisons - Legion Prima Victrix

Miniature Comparisons // Legio Prima Victrix

Some solid alternatives! These do match up nicely to the likes of Space Marines but I also think that the style of the miniatures would also work with the vibes of the Ravaged Star range by Lazy Squire and MiniWargaming. The chunkier nature of the miniatures feel like they would work well against those chaotic individuals.

Pledge Options + Add-Ons & Stretch Goals

If you're interested in picking these miniatures up, you might be in with a chance of getting one of the Early Bird Specials for the project.

Early Bird Pledge - Legion Prima Victrix

Early Bird Pledges // Legio Prima Victrix

You can also just get a look at the Core Set for Legion Prima Victrix which shows you what you're getting as part of the reward. Not only do you have the infantry and characters that we mentioned above but also a vehicle and lots of additional characters.

Core Set - Legio Prima Victrix

Core Set // Legio Prima Victrix

As an additional option for this campaign, DakkaDakka.Store are also offering up the option to get your hands on physical miniatures as well as the 3D Printable files. If you don't have a 3D Printer at home, you can simply go for the Physical Add-On Pledge and then pick what you want from their collection. This means you could get whole miniatures OR just get the bitz that you want and plug them in as part of your current collection.

Add-Ons - Legion Prima Victrix

Add-Ons // Legio Prima Victrix

I do like this a lot and it means that if you're not part of the 3D Printing world, you've still got the chance to snap some of these components up for yourself. I think a lot of folks could be tempted to get the character miniatures in particular.

Of course, there are also Stretch Goals in the mix for this campaign which offer up loads of interesting new miniatures!

Stretch Goals - Legion Prima Victrix

Stretch Goals // Legio Prima Victrix

I really like the Cohorte Command with that massive spear and shield but I think the winner of "best stretch goal" has to go to the Colossus. I am a big fan of Dreadnoughts and that is ticking a lot of the right boxes. Make sure to keep an eye on the campaign as I'm sure more will be unlocked.

Legio Prima Victrix Kickstarter // DakkaDakka.Store

Dive in and let us know what you make of these miniatures and if you'll be scooping them up!

"I think the winner of "best stretch goal" has to go to the Colossus..."

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