Arcadian Elves Grace Raging Heroes’ Heroes Infinite Patreon!

November 2, 2021 by brennon

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Raging Heroes has a brand new set of 3D Printable miniatures for their Patreon backers this November! The Arcadian Elves are soaring into battle and stepping from their towering portals to do battle with the younger races of the galaxy. A solid Sci-Fi offering!

Battle Augur - Raging Heroes

Battle Augur // Raging Heroes

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Much like their previous offerings, the Patreon breaks down into two tiers. You can pledge at the Leader level gives you access to some stunning characters, troops and even some vehicles but the Overlord tier takes things to the next stage and gives you more of everything! Remember, all of this is downloadable in STL File format and can be printed at home.

Exalted Champion - Raging Heroes

Exalted Champion // Raging Heroes

There are some fantastic character sculpts as part of this collection, to begin with. I have recently started collecting my own set of "Space Elves" so this was a treat when it popped up online. With a fairly old grimdark range, it's good to see some alternatives out there from the likes of Raging Heroes.

Pretty much all of the "Lords" have also been updated by Raging Heroes with some great looking miniatures that would pop with the appropriate colour scheme.

The Fire Lord - Raging Heroes

The Fire Lord // Raging Heroes

One of my favourites is The Falcon Lord. I have always had a soft spot for this fellow and so it's neat to see such an awesome take on the character. I feel like I might need to start pestering someone with a 3D Printer to print off some of this loveliness.

The Falcon Lord - Raging Heroes

The Falcon Lord // Raging Heroes

As well as a range of characters, the Arcadian Elves collection also features some troops for you to pick up and use to make your army complete. You have some specialists like these Astrurian Vengers below...

Astrurian Vengers - Raging Heroes

Astrurian Vengers // Raging Heroes

..and the Stellar Wardens who look ready to hold the line as guardians of the Arcadian worlds.

Stellar Wardens - Raging Heroes

Stellar Wardens // Raging Heroes

This is just a snapshot of the different miniatures available from the Raging Heroes Patreon this month. I picked out some of my favourites but you'll be able to see the full array of options later on in this post.

Stinger Infiltrators - Raging Heroes

Stinger Infiltrators // Raging Heroes

As I mentioned, you even have some big vehicles as well! Fancy blasting through the stars with the Void Blade Stalker for example?

Void Blade - Raging Heroes

Void Blade Stalker // Raging Heroes

If you're hunting for some terrain to complete the range then you can also pick up some awesome bits from this month's collection too. A fitting bastion for your lords and ladies to direct the battle from.

Centrepiece Terrain - Raging Heroes

Centrepiece Terrain // Raging Heroes

If you want to see everything this month has to offer then take a look at the full breakdown below. I think you'll find at least one or two things in there worthy of attention! I'd love to hear which one of the lords/ladies was your favourite for example.

Arcadian Elves Collection - Raging Heroes

Arcadian Elves Collection // Raging Heroes

Make sure to dive in and have a better look at the range. If this appeals to you then make sure to head on over to Heroes Infinite and drop them a subscription. These folks do some great work each month and there is a thriving community ready to help you out if you're just getting started.

Are you going to be picking up the Arcadian Elves?

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