Core Space: First Born Kickstarter Campaign Now Live!

October 28, 2020 by brennon

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The team at Battle Systems are now live on Kickstarter with a new standalone game set within the Core Space universe. New 32mm miniatures await as they explore a strange and eerie part of the Core Space galaxy in First Born.

Core Space First Born - Battlesystems

Check Out The Core Space: First Born Kickstarter

This new campaign aims to expand the existing Core Space world and its range of Terrain with a new adventure for you to undertake with The Crew Of The Eidolon as they go up against the strange First Born, exploring their ancient and twisted temples.

The Crew Of The Eidolon - Core Space

The Crew Of The Eidolon // Core Space: First Born

Battle Systems pride themselves on creating fascinating narrative experiences on the tabletop with Core Space and this certainly looks to be the case with First Born. Here is some of the background to this next adventure for your intrepid explorers and mercenaries...

"At the furthermost tip of the Perseus arm of our galaxy burns a small white star. Here lie the remnants of the First Born, an advanced civilization that conquered the galaxy long ago but have since been dormant, waiting for the younger species to take their first steps into space.

This sleep wasn’t dreamless, and over the millennia the First Born were slowly driven mad. Fanatical and paranoid, they have learned to fear and despise the new species that they once longed for.

When the Traders arrived in a seemingly abandoned asteroid field to pick over the bones of a long-dead people, the First Born were awoken…"

Much like with the original Core Space release, the focus of the game is around adventuring through fascinating scenarios, looting goods for your crew to take away with them and battling terrifying foes. The big bonus of diving in with First Born is that you can explore Core Space as a cooperative and solo experience rather than it just being a clash between two crews over the resources on the tabletop.

First Born Gameplay - Core Space

First Born Gameplay // Core Space: First Born

If you're interested in learning more about Core Space in general then we have a wealth of Let's Plays you can watch where we show off the mechanics of the game.

Core Space Round Breakdown

Let's Play: Core Space - Rescue Ganeek

Let's Play: Core Space - Outside Assault

Many of the general principles of gameplay are carried over into First Born but if you'd like to know what's new to this standalone box you can find the Rules Here which go through what you need to know to get going in the game.

Core Space: First Born Kickstarter Pledge

When it comes to diving into the world of Core Space, this seems like a great place to start. First Born is catered towards the solo and cooperative experience on the tabletop so it makes it a great starting point for a new player but it is also completely compatible with the rest of the range that Battle Systems has already created.

Core Space First Born Pledge - Battlesystems

Core Space: First Born Pledge // Battle Systems

As you can see, the pledge above comes with everything that you need to play Core Space in one box. You get the crew miniatures we've seen painted above plus a load of the alien creatures known as the First Born for you to go up against. All of the 32mm miniatures are then used alongside the pre-coloured and easy-to-assemble Sci-Fi terrain to make it a doddle to get stuck into this game. It really makes a difference when you can get the core elements of your collection painted up and then you don't have to worry about the terrain you're playing on!

As well as the First Born box, the main pledge for this campaign also comes with some expansion material. You've also got the Fury Of The Insane God expansion which builds on your experience with First Born and throws in that 120mm model for you to tackle on the painting table too!

It's certainly an impressive package, especially for only £89! As someone who has always been on the edge of diving into Core Space, this might be just enough to tempt me to give it a go.

Core Space: First Born Stretch Goals

I like simple Kickstarter campaigns and Battle Systems have certainly allowed for that. It's pretty easy to just pick up everything or a handful of the Add-Ons which have been bolted on for existing players. You've also got the Stretch Goals; two of which have been outlined already.

Dyson Reactor - Core Space

Dyson Reactor // Core Space: First Born

Pose Upgrade - Core Space

Pose Upgrade // Core Space: First Born

More options for terrain and the chance to spice up what's already available in the core game for First Born seems like a great way to start things off. I'm sure that the team at Battle Systems have much more planned for the campaign as it goes forward but this all seems like a really good first offering to those interested in a new Sci-Fi game.

Check Out The Core Space: First Born Kickstarter

With the potential of more lockdown-like rules coming into effect throughout the rest of 2020 and into 2021, it seems like as good a time as any to venture into the world of solo and cooperative games. Obviously, First Born isn't delivering until October 2021 but perhaps this has also got you interested in what's already available for Core Space?

Drop your thoughts below on this new campaign!

"First Born is catered towards the solo and cooperative experience on the tabletop so it makes it a great starting point for a new player..."

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