Hobbyween Winners Announced!

November 26, 2016 by lancorz

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It's time for us to reveal the winners of the Hobbyween Challenge we set during October. We had some utterly amazing entries to look through and there were so many to choose from that it took a bit of extra time! However, we're now getting stuck into announcing the winners and showing off their amazing work.

Murdering Mini

Autumnal Flower Knight for Kingdom Death by doctorether

This particular model really caught our eye. The amount of detail that doctorether was able to work into the paint job deserved some added attention and it really classed up what we were thinking about when it came to Halloween. We really liked what he was doing with the armour and continuing the orange theme from the carved pumpkin into the clothing of the knight.

Terrifying Terrain

A 3D Printed Crypt by herrigold

The work that went into this terrain piece really caught us by surprise. Not only did we get to see a 3D print project but also a masterful piece of Gothic terrain too which would look suitable on any spooky board you might want to make. Looking through the thread on this project you get a sense of how it all came together and what it was like bringing it to life too.

Killer Kitbashing

Mechanicum Abomination by deaddave

Embracing the madness we just had to give this one to deaddave for his crazy creation here. Picking up the Khorne Slaughterpriest model he was able to bolt on all manner of strange bits and pieces here to create a model which looks like it was born from the mind of a wild maniac in a lab somewhere. quite fitting for Halloween.

Paranormal Pumpkin Carving

Commission Work For His Princess by radegast6

In carving his pumpkins for Halloween radegast6 had to, of course, go with what his little lady wanted and so carved these fantastic looking pumpkins with some wonderful designs. We reckon this means that he just had to get the seal of approval from us a that is some real talent and there's a bit of love thrown in there too!

Special Features & Honourable Mentions

A big thank you to all of you who entered the competition and as we mentioned above there were so many great entries we had to show off some of the extra epic pieces that didn't quite make it to the top. So, let's check out some more of the amazing projects that were worked on by folks for Hobbyween.

Deathwatch VS Paramour of the Morpheus Rift by abstractalien

Once again this caught our eye because it involved a bit of hi-tech jiggery-pokery from abstractalien and created a piece that not only looked the part but also told a bit of a story too. I think in this particular cas the Deathwatch Marine is going to be lunch for this creature tonight!

Space Marine Zombie by benthebrave21

As one of our younger participants we take our hats off to the work of benthebrave21 here was looking to create a Space Marine Zombie for his Killer Kitbash. Using all manner of pieces he was able to make this Space Hulk Terminator look like he's been through the toxic wastes!

Pumpkin Sea Devil by thedoctorwhogamer

Another of our younger wargamers showed off his work for Hobbyween with a pumpkin carving challenge showing off this Sea Devil! We were blown away by the detail that he was able to get out of a few different techniques and it certainly created a spooky feature piece. Well done!

It was cool to see him drawing from his love of Doctor Who for this as well, using the design of an old alien from the early days of the TV show!

Specimen 18 by isomerase

And finally we turn our attention to Specimen 18 by isomerase who put together this piece which could well be used as an objective marker in your games, be it Sci-Fi or a Pulp adventure in DUST for example. The actual terrain piece isn't scary in of itself but when you spy the strange creature under the glass it is a bit chilling!

Well done to all of those who entered and we're looking forward to seeing what else you can wow us with over the coming weeks and months as we run more competitions.

Let us know in the comments which creations caught your eye!

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