Satyrs & Cloaked Monsters Join The City States Of Conquest

September 19, 2023 by brennon

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Para Bellum Games is now taking pre-orders for some new miniatures for the City States of Conquest: The Last Argument Of Kings and First Blood. Leading the way, we have a set of 35mm Fantasy satyrs that come as a Dual Kit!

City States - Satyroi - Conquest

City States - Satyroi // Conquest

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First up, we have the Satyroi which is another nice nod towards the Ancient Greek myth and legends that Para Bellum uses as their inspiration for the City States. Whilst some of these kin are peaceful, the Satyroi are full of anger, hate and violence.

Satyroi Miniatures - Conquest

Satyroi Miniatures // Conquest

They are thugs and gangsters and often find themselves press-ganged into fighting for the City States by cunning generals. They are good skirmishers and great for ambushes once you've pinned some enemy units in place.

If you want the more peaceful of these warriors then you'll want to call on the aid of the Selinoi who are equally good as skirmishers in your City States army.

City States Selinoi - Conquest

City States - Selinoi // Conquest

These trackers and hunters ar good at pressuring your enemy with ranged attacks and are very dependable at the same time. They also have a natural resistance to incoming fire as well meaning that you can drop these warriors into some deadly places and they should be fine!

Selinoi Miniatures - Conquest

Selinoi Miniatures // Conquest

I really like the miniatures that we're getting for the various factions in Conquest and it's fun seeing how inventive Para Bellum have been. It seems obvious thinking about it that we'd have satyr getting added into the mix for the City States. I can see folks having some fun painting these and playing around with the bright colours of the City States alongside the natural colours for the fur and horns.

Monstrous Mysteries Of The Scholae!

As well as the Dual Kit above, you can also get your hands on the strange and monstrous Inquisitors that prowl the streets of the City States.

City States Inquisitors - Conquest

City States - Inquisitors // Conquest

Towering above others at twice the height of a normal man, these monsters were once men until they were twisted and broken by the Scholae. They are a brutal amalgamation of both flesh and steel and their piston-driven limbs can now carve through flesh and steel with ease. Their lives are shortened by the experiments done on them but they burn bright and viciously.

Inquistors Miniatures - Conquest

Inquisitors Miniatures // Conquest

A stunning set of miniatures that, once again, take the miniatures from Conquest in an entirely new direction. You could imagine these creatures shuffling along with those cloaks hiding most of their hideous, twisted form only for them to go into an unnerving dash as they come face to face with the enemy. A creepy set of miniatures but properly fun to paint!

Last up, we have something even more terrible and twisted than the Inquisitors! See what you make of the Eidolon.

City States Eidolon - Conquest

City States - Eidolon // Conquest

Whilst the Inquisitors could be considered failures, the Eidolon are the pinnacle of the experiments done by the Scholae. The bodies of these poor humans have been enhanced in every way with new weapons, armour and more that turn them into brutal killing machines. They have no will of their own and behave exactly as the Scholae want them to. They can even be used as a host for the Scholae to enter and use to execute their will.

Some very fun new miniatures for the City States of Conquest I think you'll agree!

"'s fun seeing how inventive Para Bellum have been"

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